Summer golden lights,
Dripping off the canopies,
We walked forward searching for more.
Walked passed the bushes
And the little danger-heads,
As we feared death.

We walked again towards golden drizzle,
To find content
We stepped on the brown patches,
The remains of the dead great banyan.
We walked
As we feared death.

Stepping forward we saw carcasses,
Of animals and we looked away.
We were called by the fragrance of
The rhododendron;
To numb our awfulness
We smelled its sweetness,
And walked away
Carefully, as we feared death.

As I approached, the golden drizzle,
I looked back to watch the happy faces;
But Alas! My eyes couldn't find them.
For they smelled another sweetness.
I walked further with a cold heart
Carefully I stepped forward,
And now I was brave enough.