Who is Saumili Roy

I am a young adult from India. Who loves to write but is not enriched with good vocabulary but I still try to portray my thoughts and experiences through poetry. ...
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Saumili Roy Poems

  • Golden Drizzle
    Summer golden lights,
    Dripping off the canopies,
    We walked forward searching for more.
    Walked passed the bushes ...
  • Gallery
    I looked into the gallery
    The little icon on the mobile screen
    It looked captivating, I was willing to explore.
    Memories, they said are filled in there ...
  • Young Little Man
    He woke up from his curious sleep with the
    World of loads on his young head,
    Hundred lives inclined on him
    It was too heavy to hold. ...
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Saumili Roy Quotes

  • Surviving in loneliness doesn't always make you brave, And living alone, doesn't always make you strong.
  • Darkness is a trap, once you get in, it's hard to escape to light, unless you know the path.
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