A Ballad Of Two Knights Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Two knights rode forth at early dawnA
A seeking maids to wedB
Said one My lady must be fairC
With gold hair on her headB
Then spake the other knight at armsD
I care not for her faceE
But she I love must be a doveF
For purity and graceE
And each knight blew upon his hornG
And went his separate wayH
And each knight found a lady loveF
Before the fall of dayH
But she was brown who should have hadI
The shining yellow hairC
I ween the knights forgot their wordsJ
Or else they ceased to careC
For he who wanted purityK
Brought home a wanton wildL
And when each saw the other knightM
I ween that each knight smiledL

Sara Teasdale


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