Samuel Rogers Wild Poems

  • 1.
    Delle cose custode, e dispensiera.

  • 2.
    Dear is that valley to the murmuring bees.
    The small birds build there; and, at summer-noon,
    Oft have I heard a child, gay among flowers,
    As in the shining grass she sate conceal'd,
  • 3.
    Ah! little thought she, when, with wild delight,
    By many a torrent's shining track she flew,
    When mountain-glens and caverns full of night
    O'er her young mind divine enchantment threw,
  • 4.
    When by the green-wood side, at summer eve,
    Poetic visions charm my closing eye;
    And fairy-scenes, that Fancy loves to weave,
    Shift to wild notes of sweetest Minstrelsy;
  • 5.
    Ah! why with tell-tale tongue reveal [1]
    What most her blushes would conceal?
    Why lift that modest veil to trace
    The seraph-sweetness of her face?
  • 6.
    The sun-beams streak the azure skies,
    And line with light the mountain's brow:
    With hounds and horns the hunters rise,
    And chase the roebuck thro' the snow.
  • 7.
    Blue was the loch, [1] the clouds were gone,
    Ben-Lomond in his glory shone,
    When, Luss, I left thee; when the breeze
    Bore me from thy silver sands,
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