Samuel Rogers Bright Poems

  • 1.
    Delle cose custode, e dispensiera.

  • 2.
    And dost thou still, thou mass of breathing stone,
    (Thy giant limbs to night and chaos hurl'd)
    Still sit as on the fragment of a world;
    Surviving all, majestic and alone?
  • 3.
    Well may you sit within, and, fond of grief,
    Look in each other's face, and melt in tears.
    Well may you shun all counsel, all relief.
    Oh she was great in mind, tho' young in years!
  • 4.
    Vane, quid affectas faciem mihi ponere, pictor?
    AĆ« ris et lingua sum filia;
    Et, si vis similem pingere, pinge sonum. AUSONIUS.

  • 5.
    Oh! that the Chemist's magic art
    Could crystallize this sacred treasure!
    Long should it glitter near my heart,
    A secret source of pensive pleasure.
  • 6.
    I. 1.

    Hence, to the realms of Night, dire Demon, hence!
    Thy chain of adamant can bind
  • 7.
    Blue was the loch, [1] the clouds were gone,
    Ben-Lomond in his glory shone,
    When, Luss, I left thee; when the breeze
    Bore me from thy silver sands,
  • 8.
    Yes, 'tis the pulse of life! my fears were vain!
    I wake, I breathe, and am myself again.
    Still in this nether world; no seraph yet!
    Nor walks my spirit, when the sun is set,
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