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Samuel Rogers (30 July 1763 – 18 December 1855) was an English poet, during his lifetime one of the most celebrated, although his fame has long since been eclipsed by his Romantic colleagues and friends Wordsworth, Coleridge and Byron. His recollections of these and other friends such as Charles James Fox are key sources for information about London artistic and literary life, with which he was intimate, and which he used his wealth to support. He made his money as a banker and was also a discriminating art collector.

Early life and family

Rogers was born at Newington Green, then a village north of Islington, and now in Inner London. His father, Thomas Rogers, a banker and briefly MP for Coventry, was the son of a Stourbridge glass manufacturer, who was also a m...
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Samuel Rogers Poems

  • On - - - - Asleep
    Sleep on, and dream of Heav'n awhile.
    Tho' shut so close thy laughing eyes,
    Thy rosy lips still seem to smile,
    And move, and breathe delicious sighs!-- ...
  • The Pleasures Of Memory Part Ii
    Delle cose custode, e dispensiera.

  • Fragments From Euripides
    Dear is that valley to the murmuring bees.
    The small birds build there; and, at summer-noon,
    Oft have I heard a child, gay among flowers,
    As in the shining grass she sate conceal'd, ...
  • Written At Midnight
    While thro' the broken pane the tempest sighs,
    And my step falters on the faithless floor,
    Shades of departed joys around me rise,
    With many a face that smiles on me no more; ...
  • From A Greek Epigram
    While on the cliff with calm delight she kneels,
    And the blue vales a thousand joys recall,
    See, to the last, last verge her infant steals!
    O fly--yet stir not, speak not, lest it fall. ...
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