Samuel Rogers Rise Poems

  • 1.
    Delle cose custode, e dispensiera.

  • 2.
    While thro' the broken pane the tempest sighs,
    And my step falters on the faithless floor,
    Shades of departed joys around me rise,
    With many a face that smiles on me no more;
  • 3.
    And dost thou still, thou mass of breathing stone,
    (Thy giant limbs to night and chaos hurl'd)
    Still sit as on the fragment of a world;
    Surviving all, majestic and alone?
  • 4.
    There, in that bed so closely curtain'd round,
    Worn to a shade, and wan with slow decay,
    A father sleeps! Oh hush'd be every sound!
    Soft may we breathe the midnight hours away!
  • 5.
    Ah! why with tell-tale tongue reveal [1]
    What most her blushes would conceal?
    Why lift that modest veil to trace
    The seraph-sweetness of her face?
  • 6.
    The sun-beams streak the azure skies,
    And line with light the mountain's brow:
    With hounds and horns the hunters rise,
    And chase the roebuck thro' the snow.
  • 7.
    I. 1.

    Hence, to the realms of Night, dire Demon, hence!
    Thy chain of adamant can bind
  • 8.
    Whoe'er thou art, approach, and, with a sigh,
    Mark where the small remains of Greatness lie.[2]
    There sleeps the dust of Him for ever gone;
    How near the Scene where once his Glory shone!
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