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DuqHockey: THREE STARS OF THE WEEK PRESENTED BY PROSPHIRE AND GOODRICH AND GEIST! • It was a big weekend for the Dukes as they picked up their first win on the season as well as their first weekend sweep! • Hayden Feck: G:(2) A:(1) Sam Hoyen: G:(1) A:(3) Kody Reiser: G:(3) •

hoodieprojcast: In this episode, Jon and Sir Bradley welcome Sam Goodrich to the podcast as a host! Listen as the trio talk about the Karen's that they have faced in their service jobs.

grisingTRS: Not a lot of change in P/G. 1970s & 1950s players were helped more than higher-pace 1960s players: Adj P/G Real P/G 26.3 24.2 Maravich 25.5 27.0 West 24.1 25.7 Oscar 22.7 18.5 Schayes 22.2 17.8 Sharman 19.4 18.8 Archibald 19.3 18.8 Monroe 19.1 18.6 Goodrich 17.3 17.7 Sam Jones

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Dominion lasts until obtained-
Possession just as long-
But these-endowing as they flit
Eternally belong.

How everlasting are the Lips

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