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hoodieprojcast: In this episode, Jon and Sir Bradley welcome Sam Goodrich to the podcast as a host! Listen as the trio talk about the Karen's that they have faced in their service jobs.

grisingTRS: Not a lot of change in P/G. 1970s & 1950s players were helped more than higher-pace 1960s players: Adj P/G Real P/G 26.3 24.2 Maravich 25.5 27.0 West 24.1 25.7 Oscar 22.7 18.5 Schayes 22.2 17.8 Sharman 19.4 18.8 Archibald 19.3 18.8 Monroe 19.1 18.6 Goodrich 17.3 17.7 Sam Jones

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Beyond the need of weeping,
Beyond the reach of hands,
May she be quietly sleeping,
In what dim nebulous lands?
Ah, she who understands!

The long, long winter weather,
These many years and days,

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