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  • To A Wild Violet, In March
    My pretty flower,
    How cam'st thou here?
    Around thee all
    Is sad and sere,-...
  • To A Lady Who Had Been Singing
    The spirit-harp within the breast
    A spirit's touch alone can know,-
    Yet thine the power to wake its rest,
    And bid its echoing numbers flow....
  • Thoughts At Sea
    Here is the boundless ocean,-there the sky,
    O'er-arching broad and blue-
    Telling of God and heaven-how deep, how high,
    How glorious and true!...
  • The Two Windmills
    Two neighbors, living on a hill,
    Had each-and side by side-a mill.
    The one was Jones,-a thrifty wight-
    Whose mill in every wind went right....
  • The Two Shades
    Along that gloomy river's brim,
    Where Charon plies the ceaseless oar,
    Two mighty Shadows, dusk and dim,
    Stood lingering on the dismal shore....
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  • Hoodieprojcast: in this episode, jon and sir bradley welcome sam goodrich to the podcast as a host! listen as the trio talk about the karen's that they have faced in their service jobs.
  • Grisingtrs: not a lot of change in p/g. 1970s & 1950s players were helped more than higher-pace 1960s players: adj p/g real p/g 26.3 24.2 maravich 25.5 27.0 west 24.1 25.7 oscar 22.7 18.5 schayes 22.2 17.8 sharman 19.4 18.8 archibald 19.3 18.8 monroe 19.1 18.6 goodrich 17.3 17.7 sam jones
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