He resembles! He resembles quite like him.

The first day i light my sight on him, i can explicitly see 'him'.

Not the height, not the physique, not the hair, not the walk, even not the whole face! But his formatio at some ambit and somewhat, tho i ain't racist, his colour, possess far and near of his congruence.

A day, went his side, looking for a particular dumbbell, hence, grabbing one
"Is this 2.5"? I asked him making some glance over his upcoming reaction
"No", he rejoined in a repudiated tone.

I took off em, went towards my side.
Merged in my own thoughts, i perceive one more thing and that is, his voice! He has holded some tantamounts! Yes, the equivalent voice.

Now i wonder if his name also identic with him?

What I'm now trying to do is to avoid him to a feasible extent.
He seems good but don't wanna get interacted, don't wanna have a talk, don't wanna, even, make a look with him.

Nothing i want to come in our way which make me feel anything for him just because he has kept some known resemblance of a known stranger.