People only notice me when they need me when it is convenient.
Am always here, I never change but everything around me does.
People always walk pass me, even though I’ll always stand by them.
No one speaks to me yet still I call out to them.
To direct them.

To direct them to what I know to be right.
But they always think that they know it all, no need for me.
Until they find themselves in a tragedy, a calamity.
Then everyone wants to point to me and come to me.
Wasn’t I always here.

Her standing on this street corner as a sign.
A sign to call out and guide.
But everyone goes about their way.
I’ve learned that everyone has their own mind.
They decide what they do next.

Everyone is looking out for number one.
Who do I think I am to tell others the truth, my truth.
But I am a sign, I can’t help it.
This is my nature.
So I’ll keep standing here calling out and when they find themselves in a problem.
I will continue doing what a sign does.
And help.