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I would like to share my world with my readers so that they can see how grey life is. Is life worth living?...
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  • A Clock's Resolve
    It’s always the same.
    I always would go back to this same routine and nothing ever changes for me.
    Whenever I stop, I would just be rebooted.
    Recalculated to serve and never be allowed to stand still. ...
  • The Street Sign
    People only notice me when they need me when it is convenient.
    Am always here, I never change but everything around me does.
    People always walk pass me, even though I’ll always stand by them.
    No one speaks to me yet still I call out to them. ...
  • Wisdom From A Tree
    I was placed here as a nothing.
    With the hope of nature that I would become a something.
    To emerge and become, to become, and go on.
    In the hopes that I would become strong and tall. ...
  • River Stone
    It beats upon me, and it hits against me.
    What have I done, why am I here?
    I have forever been here from birth.
    From the earth. ...
  • A Stone's Meditation
    How long has it been?
    How long have I been?
    How long has here been?
    How much longer will it be? ...
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