The sun is burning a hole in your pocket
and though very slowly you are making
the tides turn it is a sunny day
and everything burns
today goes very fast
you might make it rain
or intuit another bearing the mark of Cain
you see lips and a weeping black rose
in each of the god's eyes
no matter
it is a day of aces and dancing dogs


Kafka was still a puppy when a car
hit him and broke his leg it was the best
thing that could have happened ever since he
is extremely careful on the roads &
would prefer to cross at the lights
or pedestrian crossings


as we have seen life can be quite harrowing
even for a young dog who, once over
the traumas of worms & house-training, would
be expected to lead an idyllic dog's life
dogs all speak the one language & therefore
have no need to learn French


How many times do
the words 'dog', 'chien', 'canis'
or 'hund' occur in an average poem?


How long do you think it will take
before people will be reading poems
rather than newspapers?


The artist's lot: to flounce about the countryside


Like a dog.