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KellyClinger: It feels like since the days of Rush Limbaugh rhetoric Evangelicals have gotten used to being told what to think instead of how. Use your God-given common sense.

LRobert47223907: America’s Not Watching Impeachment | iHeartRadio | The Rush Limbaugh Show

wordglass: The left isn’t furious my guy. Like, mildly bemused as to why you think your Twitter campaign against Amazon has any chance to not stall and burn by being an aggravating aggressive Rush Limbaugh shrine.

ADavs79: I can hear Rush Limbaugh now, about Critical Gender Theory and Critical Race Theory and all these Marxist theories.. “we have entered uncharted territory, here, folks. These Marxist movements are working to uproot the very foundation of this country, right in front of our faces..

plaac: Wendy Bell (the female Rush Limbaugh) is ON FIRE this morning‼️

pries81078: There are smart people on our side of the aisle who have known as early as I did who Obama was and should have been saying 'I hope this guy fails' right along with me. There should have been opposition to this guy all along.,Rush Limbaugh,Smart, Me, People ,


Tony_Be: Am I just way off base here in thinking this is a poor use of tax payer dollars and an astounding amount of blame shifting from elected officials, or am I turning into Rush Limbaugh.

JoeBlauberg: I always think it's strange that someone out there was like "what if I could make a living being the Rush Limbaugh of comic fandom" and that it actually worked. What a small and forgettable legacy to leave on the world.

berserkerolaf69: Using semantics to excuse making a joke about dead kids to try and own the right wing and boost his numbers. Ethics wise, there’s very little difference between this guy and Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones.

ReligionProf: Pete Buttigieg did a good job of articulating progressive family values. It is from a few years ago but worth circulating again.

cosmotone: Rush Limbaugh's big concession: 'Are you admitting Trump is not a conservative? Damn right I am!'

SuburbanVoice: Rush? As in Limbaugh? Still dead...

CakeyDrakey: When people like him meet their inevitable demise, we will breath a sigh of relief. Ahhh remember Rush Limbaugh? Hehe


Lukathor: 42sec of a popular left-wing commentator discussing mass shootings (blaming them on the lack of gun bans instead of the lack of proper background checks). He's been called "the Rush Limbaugh of the Left". Warning: language

BrianJSix: There Are Many Americans Who Say They Would Like To Stop Working At Some Point As Well. Rush Limbaugh's Grandfather Retired From The Firm At Age 102 - Fox News MOCKS French Retirement Age Protests

IllinoisFreedo1: There Are Many Americans Who Say They Would Like To Stop Working At Some Point As Well. Rush Limbaugh's Grandfather Retired From The Firm At Age 102 - Fox News MOCKS French Retirement Age Protests

bj_slive: I'm being informed that there's a Columbo episode where William Shatner plays a Rush Limbaugh analogue

DavidRaymerLD29: The once great GOP, that ended slavery and was the party of Lincoln, has turned into a Southern death cult. Bit by bit, thanks to the actions of bad faith actors like Fox Television, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones.

tan123: ChatGPT claims that I "often" retweet Rush Limbaugh's content.

NycPotus: Rush Limbaugh hasn't said anything hateful in a while.

catturd2: Reminder ... I'll be on Bo Snerdley's Rush Hour this Thursday. This is a great honor for me because I might be the biggest Rush Limbaugh fan on planet earth.

karmitthesnitch: I call dibs on your car when you wake up at a Rush Limbaugh seminar

BillyWhit50: ** French: "Saboteurs of Social Normalcy in America." RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES! As Rush Limbaugh once observed, Liberals use to try & hide their beliefs - now they just don't care who knows! WAKE THE 'FREAK' UP, PEOPLE! The DNC is all about the "déstructuré" of the USA.

TenaciousEye: Regarding yesterday’s Trump rally, Rush Limbaugh and Charlie Daniels were unavailable for comment.

WSJRealEstate: A waterfront Palm Beach property long owned by the late conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has sold for $155 million. The property was quietly on the market last year, asking $150 million to $175 million

DavidRaymerLD29: ...carried out by hardcore Rush Limbaugh fans, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. That's where they got all that stuff.

AmoneyResists: Your party blocked healthcare for veterans suffering from cancer and still supports a criminal who called our troops “losers and suckers”; attacked war heroes, gold star families & Purple Heart recipients; and gave the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, Jim Jordan, & Devin Nunes.

ThoughtCrimeFln: I miss Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh

TheChowderhead: i don't mean to be rude here but candice owens: blink twice if you are possessed by the ghost of rush limbaugh

ObamaGarak: “Melanin is thicker than water folks” - rush limbaugh

LauraLoomer: I honestly believe Rush Limbaugh is rolling over in his grave. He wouldn’t approve of his spot being turned into the DeSantis propagandist network. Sad to see his syndicated spot be downgraded so much by the network replacements when he left such legacy. Rush loved Donald Trump.

WSJRealEstate: Update: Billionaire William Lauder is the mystery buyer of Rush Limbaugh’s $155 million Palm Beach estate.

WSJRealEstate: WSJ scoop: Rush Limbaugh's Palm Beach home has sold for $155 million.

ebsolomont: SCOOP: A waterfront Palm Beach property long owned by the late conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has sold for $155 million.

amasterofmagic: How Rush Limbaugh foresaw cancel culture and 'wokeness' in 1993

sbthatsme123: They are becoming more like Tucker Carlson using the lies, shock, devide, and conquer tactics of Rush Limbaugh

owillis: this piece is really dumb for a lot of reasons, but especially because it pretends anti-intellectualism is a new thing on the right. before trump, the leading conservative "intellectual" in america was rush limbaugh, and before that the john birch society.

SuSuU23423440: WATCH VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh’s Journey To Jesus – the personal, inside story of Rush’s embrace of Christ in his final year with cancer

EIBLegacy: Latest Substack post:

S64551577Smith: I miss Rush Limbaugh. He would be slicing through all this bullshit like a Jedi.

KellerVjlk: Where’s the loud Feminist from Rush Limbaugh’s FemiNazi’s??? PC has them shrinking in the shadows.

TrumpErowid: Christie you know Rush Limbaugh actually said that I had broken out all the girls I had taken on a quantum level.

EIBLegacy: EIBLegacy -- Shatner's Raw Nerve: The Rush Limbaugh interview

BlackBluesee: Rush Limbaugh really hit home the message that you should be anti-Democratic. Laura Schlesinger also contributed to the idea that hypocrisy could be fashionable. Also racism. So here we are.

wanna_feel_old: Wanna feel old? Rush Limbaugh is turning 243 today

AriDrennen: I wish more of the people on here who are so confident that being trans is a delusion or an illness or a fate worse than death would just admit that they don’t know any of us and haven’t heard anything about us that didn’t come from Rush Limbaugh’s bastard heirs

DMEY123: Republicans miss Rush Limbaugh. They need to find him.

samhuppert: I've always thought Rush Limbaugh smiling in his mug shot neutralized it, because he just looks like he's smiling for a normal radio head shot

JorgeNotGeorge: Lots of leftists hate hasan for being a “grifter” but fail to understand that the left needs a voice in the mainstream. They need someone like rush Limbaugh (rest in piss btw) to educate,get people engaged in politics and most importantly entertain which hasan does very well.

ScrewLiberals: Yep --- it was created to counter Rush Limbaugh. Liberals died on talk Radio. Anyone remember Air America liberals version of EIB Rush Limbaughs company.

icplyricbot: i'm violent j and i'm rich like rush limbaugh is fat, imagine that

nybanner: American radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh was well-known for his conservative stances and rude comments on politics and pop culture. He hosted "The Rush Limbaugh Show," one of the most well-known radio shows in the country that was nationally syndicated.


Esta84M: Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One UVTZHPY

iamchickenwing: Or Rush Limbaugh's rants on Obama

Skydog20201: I remember Rush Limbaugh saying that if a Democrat gets into the White House, we will never see another Republican President. Considering what is going on with the destroy America agenda we better pray that is not true because I don't think our country can take much more.

theliamnissan: I haven't seen this many inconsolable Republicans since Rush Limbaugh died a long, painful death.


writingart16: American singer-songwriter Ted Nugent, actor and comedian Chevy Chase, and talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh, are amongst many famous people who avoided the Vietnam War draft! Read about Adam in the “Boy with the Best Laugh”, as he flees to Canada to evade going to Vietnam.

TedBryant: Trump would never have become president in the first place if not for the hate conservatives have for liberals, fueled by 40 years of divisive entertainers like Rush Limbaugh.

hoofnagle: Also Rush Limbaugh. Nice smile here, but a suit and tie always punches up one's mugshot

jabo961: I don't remember Rush Limbaugh urging his listeners (of which I was one) to listen to this. If I remember correctly, Rush was a supporter of Bush and Cheney.

MovieReviewBot2: Featuring the inventive Marcus Schenkenberg, when Rush Limbaugh finds out their sister has gone missing, they accidentally uncover an unwelcome problem. (☆)

icplyricbot: i'm violent j and i'm rich like rush limbaugh is fat, imagine that

MattGertz: Rupert Murdoch's fifth marriage will give him one more than Rush Limbaugh and two more than Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, or Rudy Giuliani.

BocaRatonRC: Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Quietly Sells Lavish Palm Beach Mansion for Record Price - Florida Jolt

AspenDailyNews: The teaching moment for journalism schools has arrived. Advocacy is not the same as truth, and truth is not advocacy. Ratings supremacy, as illustrated earliest by Rush Limbaugh, brings money through advertising sales, but may to read more.

VideoDistortion: Dad stopped listening to music and instead just nonstop angry ravings of Rush Limbaugh. Friend's older siblings all enlisting and a couple of my cousins too. Heated political debates between family members.

JackFurnariUSA: Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Quietly Sells Lavish Palm Beach Mansion for Record Price - Florida Jolt

sater_terry: People in congress did what Donald Trump is being charged with, AT LEAST 264 TIMES, and used $17 MILLION of TAXPAYER funds to buy their way out! When are the indictments coming?

chiglinsky: of course the people calling in to the office didn’t really focus on Iraq anymore by then They were calling almost exclusively about the Bush/McCain immigration plan, thanks to constant coverage on Hannity, Fox and Rush Limbaugh’s show.

RikHavic: As it happens, I still think about how St. Ronnie, Newt Gingrich, and Rush Limbaugh turned a shining city on a hill into a trailer park.

FloridaJolt: Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Quietly Sells Lavish Palm Beach Mansion for Record Price

donsurber: Don't mean to brag (which means I am bragging), but Rush Limbaugh read a few of my columns on the air. Subscribe -- free or paid (preferred, of course) to

_lunardreams: Y’all already got that one girl at J6 sitting front row to a Rush Limbaugh seminar. Shit obviously ain’t as sweet as you wanna believe

wanna_feel_old: Wanna feel old? Rush Limbaugh is turning 296 today

OKClyde29: The intolerance and hatred of the Left is off the charts. But their worst habit is their tendency to pour hate on the dead. And no one bore a greater brunt of that vile impulse than Rush Limbaugh

dereksback: The first cancer cell was Ronald Reagan. Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh were its metastasis. Trump was a tumor, and now America has terminal cancer.

FrantzFrantz15: If this comes down Rush Limbaugh was right he said the left would make sure that no outsider would ever try to break the beltway corrupt swamp from Biden Pelosi McConnell RINOS and all the democrats this is how they maintain the Uniparty grip on America

llehmannz: He does not support the working class. He supports Jimmy Dore's bank account & nothing else. He sells rage and anti-vax on the Rush Limbaugh model. How long before he's selling vitamins?

patsyclimate: Need to AI Rush Limbaugh

patronofthe: We used to say my grandma was to the right of Rush Limbaugh but even she wasn't homophobic - "well at the scout camp I saw two bucks going at it once and so figured it's pretty natural"

Cathy2NotToday: Just aired on Alex Wagner No, it wasn’t a typo It was intentionally brought to the floor with the blessing of Gov DeSantis — who lowered flags when racist Rush Limbaugh died,calling him a “great American” Nothing gets to the legislature without prior DeSantis approval

brooklynmarie: "Conservative radio jockeys Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have, on multiple occasions, warned their listeners that what they call the "Cloward-Piven strategy" will destroy America.

DeepTalksWithA1: A young Channing Tatum once said An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort. Something he had read. He said that Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died. They simply became music. They looked jovial, Before turning to talk to Rush Limbaugh

NafoDang: Kev. Get help. Believing the lies is harmful to your help. How many Oxycotin pills was Rush Limbaugh taking a day while he was spouting his nonsense?

PFleeceman: It's been an amazing 751 days since Right Wing Racist, Rush Limbaugh has said something awful! I don't know what has changed but keep up the great work Rush!!

ChrisHiers: Without divulging details, I am happy to report that my original pencil drawing of Rush Limbaugh “Praying for America” was indeed warmly received.

josephwelcoming: If (when) TFG gets indicted, I can hardly wait to what Rush Limbaugh has to say Oh, wait. My bad.

GingrSunshine: The only time I’ve ever missed Rush Limbaugh

dfrntdrmmr: Although this is normally a day that is full of drinking and carousing, I would like to take a moment to celebrate someone who has reached 25 months of sobriety today. Rush Limbaugh, congratulations on your achievement.

Fly2themoonBook: Rush Limbaugh called public schools public screws & that’s what they are. Parent put their children into private school or teach them at home. Los Angeles schools brace for possible shutdown after union announces 3-day strike, demands 'equitable' wages

roosterpisces: These cluckers ought to burn in hell for the damage they did to Americans. Rush Limbaugh was correct in mocking them both.

Cynical_History: Trump running on nativism has a far-right history related to Klan rhetoric: David Duke ➡️ Pat Buchanan ➡️ Rush Limbaugh ➡️ Anne Coulter ➡️ anti-SJWs ➡️ Trump. What's amazing is how crazy extremes becomes mainstream. We need better terms than the Overton Window to describe this

TylerBoliver: Rush Limbaugh used to call this the blame America first view of the world. Before Rush just gave up and spent the end of his life kissing Trump’s rear.

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