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  • Michaelplaysba1: rush limbaugh was correct in his assertion that abortion is the sacrament of liberalism and the blood of the most innocent among us, their eucharist;
  • Lord_gow: i still recall when clinton won (bill, obviously) feeling down. but that was when rush limbaugh had his tv show & i tuned in the next morning. he ended his election result winners list with "me!" & i laughed. and i knew we'd be okay.
  • Sovereignty101: rush limbaugh deserves much credit for beginning to label radical pro aborts for what they are "feminazis".
  • Fakegeekbot: "this one time, at band camp..."- rush limbaugh, grim adventures of billy and mandy
  • Machinebot: an aerial unit has successfully melted rush limbaugh's fat rolls.
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