Choriambics'ii Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Here the flame that was ash shrine that was voidA
lost in the haunted woodB
I have tended and loved year upon year I in the solitudeC
Waiting quiet and glad eyed in the dark knowing that once a gleamD
Glowed and went through the wood Still I abode strong in a golden dreamD
For I I that had faith knew that a face would glanceE
One day white in the dim woods and a voice call and a radianceF
Fill the grove and the fire suddenly leap and in the heart of itC
End of labouring you Therefore I kept ready the altar litC
The flame burning apartC
Face of my dreams vainly in vision whiteC
Gleaming down to me lo hopeless I rise now For about midnightC
Whispers grew through the wood suddenly strange cries in the boughs aboveG
Grated cries like a laugh Silent and black then through the sacred groveH
Great birds flew as a dream troubling the leaves passing at lengthI
I knewJ
Long expected and long loved that afar God of the dim wood youJ
Somewhere lay as a child sleeping a child suddenly reft from mirthK
White and wonderful yet white in your youth stretched upon foreign earthK
God immortal and deadC
Therefore I go never to rest or winL
Peace and worship of you more and the dumb wood and the shrine thereinL

Rupert Brooke


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