A School Song Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Prelude to quot Stalky Co quotA
quot Let us now praise famous men quotA
Men of little showingB
For their work continuethC
And their work continuethC
Broad and deep continuesD
Greater then their knowingB
Western wind and open surgeE
Took us from our mothersF
Flung us on a naked shoreG
Twelve bleak houses by the shoreG
Seven summers by the shoreG
'Mid two hundred brothersF
There we met with famous menH
Set in office o'er usI
And they beat on us with rodsJ
Faithfully with many rodsJ
Daily beat us on with rodsJ
For the love they bore usI
Out of Egypt unto TroyK
Over HimalayaL
Far and sure our bands have goneM
Hy Brazil or BabylonN
Islands of the Southern RunO
And Cities of CathaiaC
And we all praise famous menH
Ancients of the CollegeP
For they taught us common senseQ
Tried to teach us common senseQ
Truth and God's Own Common SenseQ
Which is more than knowledgeR
Each degree of LatitudeA
Strung about CreationO
Seeth one or more of usI
Of one muster each of usI
Diligent in that he doesS
Keen in his vocationO
This we learned from famous menH
Knowing not its usesS
When they showed in daily workT
Man must finish off his workT
Right or wrong his daily workT
And without excusesU
Servant of the Staff and chainV
Mine and fuse and grapnelW
Some before the face of KingsX
Stand before the face of KingsX
Bearing gifts to divers KingsX
Gifts of case and shrapnelW
This we learned from famous menH
Teaching in our bordersF
Who declared it was bestA
Safest easiest and bestA
Expeditious wise and bestA
To obey your ordersF
Some beneath the further starsY
Bear the greater burdenO
Set to serve the lands they ruleW
Save he serve no man may ruleW
Serve and love the lands they ruleW
Seeking praise nor guerdonO
This we learned from famous menO
Knowing not we learned itA
Only as the years went byZ
Lonely as the years went byZ
Far from help as years went byZ
Plainer we discerned itA
Wherefore praise we famous menO
From whose bays we borrowA2
They that put aside To dayA
All the joys of their To dayA
And with toil of their To dayA
Bought for us To morrowA2
Bless and praise we famous menO
Men of little showingB
For their work continuethC
And their work continuethC
Broad and deep continuethC
Great beyond their knowingB

Rudyard Kipling


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