It's funny how some of our wishes got lost.
Yeah! Even before it could find it's way.
It's funny how people here dont even matter and they are here.
You matter and you are far away.
I guess it's true how they say " The stars are only important when they are far away."
It's funny how i am trying to find happiness when i am not being able to find myself again.
Life's funny ,haha,it surely is.
When we try to control it,it destroys us.
When we try to imprison it,it enslaves us.
When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.
Life's funny!
Just while I think I am closest to you,
I again realize I am still a solar system away from you.
Life's funny!
Life's funny how we have memories of someone and yet manage to be happy with someone's company.
Cafe's and coffe shops is where we used be happiest and now we go there and find ourselves lost at the same place.
See! Life's funny how I am trying to tell about one thing and here i am geting mixed up with everything.
Now all I could say is meet me soon.
Because this little fellow of yours was shedding care and love in those droplets.
And again all couldsay is -see you soon!