Love brings pain so wonderful,
Making life such beautiful!
This heart hurts so good,
Causing pain that reminds me of you.

Neither the sword’s thrust would last long,
If we have a love, so strong
Woes and Foes do not overlong,
If only your love is headstrong.

We all had been wounded before,
Even so aforesaid micro-pain is unbearable,
Which comes with sweet surmise,
Impatiently assess your desire in disguise.

Whenever you smiled at me,
It beats with a new rhythm,
The way you have glanced at me,
It reflects my colours, viz. prism.

This unfamiliar feeling hurts me,
But I love it anyway,
My heart does not listen to me,
It does not care what others say.

Warmth in your arms,
crankiness in your eyes now,
Love, gives all a tiny sweet pain,
Let’s ease them now.