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Perkins4Ohio: Too bad LPMC can't follow Ron Paul's lead and leave the LP after 8 months and never come back.

frostmag: Retro Post: Why We All Love Ron Paul

dayinthepark: Ron Paul for head of the Fed

TheSGTJoker: Imagine if Putin, Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, Madison Cawthorn, Ron Paul, & Kevin McCarthy told you how Macho you are & then 6 months later you’re getting your a** kicked and they’re no where to be found. That’s what is happening to the Russian Army. Next time Consider the Source.

nwob0t: Have you realized yet that the Fed is an entity onto itself, which has no oversight or accountability? End The Fed by Ron Paul makes a strong case against the Fed and fiat currency. In this time of financial crisis, every American should read this:

beinlibertarian: Ron Paul was right.

jackhunter74: The Ron Paul movement began with Dr. Paul explaining the concept of the CIA term “blowback” to an indignant Rudy Giuliani on a Republican presidential debate stage on May 15, 2007.

jhburgess98: Well, there is plenty of competition for that title of dumbest in Congress - there's Louie Gohmert, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Tommy Tuberville, et al. Of course, if Georgia elects Hershel Walker, he'll hold the title forever.

lucci_bill: 2/5 DERELICTORS-OF-DUTY still in office, October 2022. - Tom Cotton - Dan Cox - Mike Crapo - Dan Crenshaw - Ted Cruz - Louis DeJoy - Ron DeSantis - Matt Gaetz - Louie Gohmert - Neil Gorsuch - Paul Gosar - Lindsey Graham - Chuck Grassley - Marjorie Taylor Greene

realcumbot: Down Syndrome Ron Paul

beinlibertarian: The Ron Paul R3volution is back

bruce_f_everett: This is the service the republicans want to get rid of…..including Ron Johnson, Rick Scott, Randy Paul, Matt Gaetz, MTG & others. Vote Them Out!!

beinlibertarian: Ron Paul was right.

yunghank: Ron Paul is still my homeboy

libcomorg: This is Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone talking with Jeffrey A Tucker. Tucker used to help produce Ron Paul's notorious racist newsletter in the '80s, worked for the Mises Insitute and Lew Rockwell. Was also listed on the League of the South's website as a founding member.

JaneTea4: Most of it any way. I don’t think Putin will ever lose support from Ron Johnson, Tulsi Gabbard or Rand Paul

enigma0451: "If only we had listened to Ron Paul." - der Conservatives You guys were literally smearing, ridiculing, or downright ignoring him back in 2007 & 2012.

po_possum: Ron DeSantis and 179 other Republicans voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy on fiscally conservative principals. Marco Rubio did as well. After Hurricane Ian, watch them flop like Rand Paul for a piece of that socialism. Their principles are based on location.

OstavNadezhdu: I don't even have a ron paul folder anymore...I am severely underequipped for potential coming events

ThatGuyBrian4: ron paul would be proud

NoLieWithBTC: A life-size sculpture of Ron Johnson made of poop is now touring Wisconsin to call him out for calling climate change “bullshit.”

TruthChanges: Putin's been paying TFG for decades now. TFG is a Putin employee like senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson.

fabrizi92786826: Ron Paul Asks Edward Snowden What/Who Are The Deep State?

Cephus723: Would you vote for Ron Desantis for president?

MSBlitz2022: The Tuckerish Carlsonish kind. Tucker Carlson Laura Ingraham Sean Hannity Jesse Waters Rand Paul Ron Johnson John Cornyn Trump Trump TrumpJr Trump-Kushner Kushner-Trump To name a few

CGBFL: In Congress, Ron DeSantis voted AGAINST helping hurricane Sandy victims. Now he wants federal aid for Florida. Rand Paul voted AGAINST helping hurricane Sandy victims, yet he asked for federal aid for Kentucky. Republicans hate “socialism” until their states need assistance.

12yearoldwithak: I wish the world would be more like Ron Paul.

OrangeryThe: Day Listens: Paul Metzger - The Uses Of Infinity Flower-Corsano Duo - The Chocolate Cities Samla Mammas Manna & Ron Geesin - Live 1975 Paul Dunmall Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg Philip Gibbs Peter Brandt - Bionic Beings’ Beginnings

stucam7771: Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul voted against Federal relief for Hurricane Sandy. But when a hurricane hits Florida, freezing weather hits Texas and Tornadoes hit Kentucky they all expect Federal help. Typical Republicans, doing nothing until it personally affects them...

Truth2Freedom: CDC Takes a Step Back in Its Push for Mask Wearing at Health Care Facilities | Ron Paul Institute for Peace And Prosperity

libertyrecap: "You don't have a right to a house, you don't have a right to a job, you don't have a right to medical care." - Ron Paul

chillicothe20: I donated to Ron Paul in 2008 very early in the primary cycle, primarily bc he was outspoken against the Iraq War. I liked that message being out there, bc many of us thought Kerry wasnt strong on that in 04. By the time the cycle really started, I was Team Obama and it was fine.

lindyli: In Congress Ron DeSantis voted AGAINST helping Hurricane Sandy victims Now he’s begging Biden for aid Rand Paul voted AGAINST helping Hurricane Sandy victims Yet he begged Biden for aid for Kentucky Republicans hate “socialism” until their own asses are on the line

45Nova24: Stop plagiarizing Trumps successes and you know that Ran Paul is going to expose the Covid 19 hoax with Ron Johnson, be authentic and tell your base what you really stand for.

looksunfamiliar: Did you ever have an action figure or doll that, putting it politely, wasn't exactly one of the main figures in the range? Did you have He-Man's nemesis Faker, Sindy's boyfriend Paul or Death Star Droid? It's time to sing their praises!

PressTV: Former US Congressman Ron Paul mocks US neocon ties to Iran riots 'leader'

DS33862481: Ron Paul you doing a great job. If his DNA says he's a male he's a male not a female. It's not our fault he has a problem it's not fair to the women that are real women. Their DNA says they are women they have women parts. Does he have women women parts.

realLisaDaly: We had our Sept dip and today we see that "the BoE has thrown in the towel (Ron Paul)." Traders are back from Summer. The Fed gave them an entry on the 21st The BoE just forecasted a FED pivot, by the reaction of the mkt. Mid-term season or fake-out?

DworkinDailyPod: LISTEN: Ron DeSantis wasted money that could've helped Florida recover from Hurricane Ian.

TheSpectator: "As Hurricane Ian now churns toward Sarasota County on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Governor Ron DeSantis has responded with admirable efficiency," writes Paul du Quenoy

lovinglibertyus: Liberty RoundTable on LLRN: School Shutdowns Leave Children Behind - Ron Paul.

nwob0t: "Don't steal - the government hates competition!" ~ Ron Paul

LakesJon: It’s 36 minutes long but the Ron Paul report just nails it, and he lays out the bare-bones facts about the Nordstream sabotage.

JordanHedberg: The US Military budget is a Trillion dollars a year, and for once, it is being used to stop an actual enemy to the USA and our allies. Without the USA's military tradition, strength, and technological might, eastern Europe would be under Putin's thumb. Ron Paul lost the point

Floats_Whatever: *looks at straight couple* which of you is the aesthetics and which is the Ron Paul

MeidasTouch: Republican Ron Johnson who celebrated the Fourth of July in Moscow, Russia is very upset our billboards are up throughout Wisconsin. Please retweet and spread the word.

ron_eisele: Born 29 September 1892 in Villers-sur-Mer, 5 victory French Air Service ace with Spa57, Adjudant Andre Marie Paul Petit-Delchet.

SharonSDBryant: I understand the political ramifications of [bitcoin] and I think that the government should stay out of them and they should be perfectly legal. – Ron Paul

EccentricEcon: "We are all heirs of IL Duce" - Ignazio La Russa, former Chair of new Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's party, Brothers of Italy "mUh LeFt JuS hAyS mUhSeRVaTiVeS sHe'S NoT a FaCiSt" - Uncle Ron "IL Paleo" Paul

jakenolen: I wonder what kind of music Ron Paul listens to.

iluminatibot: Have you realized yet that the Fed is an entity onto itself, which has no oversight or accountability? End The Fed by Ron Paul makes a strong case against the Fed and fiat currency. In this time of financial crisis, every American should read this:

1anxiousmonkey: We don't deserve Ron Paul. Btw, Republicans only opposed funding for war on fiscal grounds, not humanitarian reasons. They love war as much as democrats now seem to. I'm sure Republicans military stocks got a nice bump also.

BeneschMike: Lisa Murkowski-Joni Ernst,Lindsey Graham,Marsha Blackburn,Shelly Caputo,Tim Scott,Marco Rubio,John Kennedy,Ron Johsson,Sleepy Grassley,John Cornyn,Tom Cotton,Dr oz,Hershel Walker, Rand Paul "R" maga experts in taking credit for Democrtic Laws they opposed.

UNC_BCBP: Congratulations to our Faculty for their Service to the State! We congratulate Professors Aziz Sancar & Ron Swanstrom for 40 yrs of state service, Zbigniew Dominski for 25 yrs of state service, David S. Paul & Greg Wang for 10 yrs of state service!

AngelaTC: Any friend of Ron Paul is a friend of mine.

Monkeh_tm: Ppl I follow who liked this: "lmao ye the libertarians rly did go insane" Everyone else who liked this: "so true Ron Paul is our patron Saint also my username is a david Duke reference"

The_Duck_Test: Will Italy’s Election Foreshadow US Midterms? - LewRockwell

RadarsTrend: Ron Paul: Will Italy’s Election Foreshadow US Midterms? – OpEd

ElephantWatcher: Without a doubt and my fear is that not only does trump have copies.....check the casket....but those people probably do too. I also bet Putin has all he needs. Assets like Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Marsha Blackburn who make pilgrimages to Russia should also be checked.

baronitaigas: A lot of people owe Ron Paul a big apology, including me (thought he was nuts back in 2012).

billyphillyboi: Ron Paul single handedly shaped me into who I am today.

bayou_paul: "Floridians up and down the Gulf should feel the impacts of this as up to 36 hours before actual landfall due to the size of the hurricane. This is a really big hurricane at this point."

nntaleb: Does Ron Paul know that the Ron Paul Institute is supporting the autocratic theocracy and calling for constraining the rights of women? 41 people have died in Iran so far. Have some respect! Have some decency!

Figpiglet: Oh please. The FBI been stalking Ron Paul back in the days his supporters were vilified as militia too. What exactly about reality TV Star real estate tycoon turned politico sniffs of military action, not pedo power exposer of FAKE, Fraud & Flaming!

matryoskadoll: Where traitors belong. 1 less Ron Paul fan Boy in the USA is a good start.

AndreLeonard20: Rand is a vetted and proven non-performer. Hitting softballs and getting nothing done but bickering is not fitting for being reelected. Rand has none of the passion of his father Ron Paul. A 'NO' vote for rand in November. RT

paulderdash1: ron paul gif

Political_BAWss: Ron Paul was someone who I believed fought for liberty. Here is his institute implying people fighting against oppression in Iran must be CIA-backed and must be bad. The fact that Libertarians are dying on the hill for reactionary politics is disgusting, especially for the RPI.

sovrynmindset: The public figures who predicted all the social, political, and economic unraveling that’s happening now, they were all laughed at and called crazy conspiracy theorists. Figures like: Ron Paul Alex Jones Peter Schiff People should be more careful about who they dismiss.

Paleoliberty20: Lew Rockwell built an institution that is thriving after 40 years. Left-libertarians have no similar accomplishments so they resort to terms of abuse. Here's Ron Paul speaking about the importance of the Mises Institute during its 30th anniversary.

banjobison: If you want more proof why Ron Paul isn’t really a libertarian (and just a paleocon who marketed himself as one) here is him simping for newly elected Italian neofascist Giorgo Meloni As a Libertarian of Italian descent I’m extremely disappointed to see Ron Paul publish this

quot3bot: "Don't steal - the government hates competition!" ~ Ron Paul

DougJBalloon: In this Weymouth bar, behind the taps of Budweiser and Sam Adams, hang three pictures: John F. Kennedy, Carl Yastrzemski, and Pope John Paul II. But after those migrants were flown to Martha’s Vineyard, they’ll be adding a fourth: Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Transpersonal: The LvM (“Mises Institute”) got startup funding from Ron Paul’s list of donors. I understand “ya gotta do what ya gotta do” but the enmeshment from the jump didn’t lead in the right direction. Might've reached the LvM and its progressive destruction of the “libertarian” brand

MrsMajorJoe: RON PAUL: We’re On The Precipice of WWIII For No National Security Reason Whatsoever!

mike10010100: (Looking side-eye at the Yellow Vest movement which was a right-wing op spurred by the decision to invoke carbon taxes, which was quickly whitewashed by populist "left-leaning" groups that sounded oddly like Ron Paul 2012 Libertarians)

McDutchoven: 2012. A document dump currently made public on a site by Anonymous includes private forum messages, emails, and organizational notes by the neo-Nazi A3P. While sifting through this information, the hacktivists uncovered numerous links to Paul.

videosean: 'Who's Responsible for the Police State'? - Dr. Ron Paul speaks at RPI 2022 Washington Conference

DONALDJ91414855: Using our constitutional money will result in a stronger economy & wages would be almost 2x more when considering that money to be used in importing & exporting & within our own nation (It would reduce our trade deficit also.) Ron Paul will have the economy using gold coins.

DennisMarburge1: RPI Conference: ‘Shut Up!' - Cancel Culture and the War on Speech Tickets, Sat, Nov 5, 2022 at 8:30 AM | Eventbrite Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

ggreenwald: What's the liberal explanation for why Dick and Liz Cheney hate Trump? Is it that this duo -- once called Nazis -- are actually noble patriots of integrity and law? Or is it that Trump campaigned on the most vocal denunciation of neocon foreign policy since Ron Paul - and won?

libertyrecap: "The Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people. The current crisis reflects that their concerns were justified." - Ron Paul

GrandTurion: The Ron Paul Institute for Tyrants and Oppression:

GrandTurion: Never too late to stop taking Ron Paul seriously.

ElephantWatcher: Spooky !!!! Probably Ron Johnson and Rand Paul doing a recon mission for Putin. I am so damn pissy right now, I think I'd better take a break from the GD Q/GOP and watch something fun.....

thegoldenjeww: “im a ron paul maoist” ok well i don’t take any SSRIs

TrumpsTaxes: When Pete Buttigieg comes for someone, he doesn’t carry a sledgehammer…he wields a scalpel. And in this must-see clip, Pete slices Ron DeSantis into a million little pieces.

Voegizug: 2/2 24:32 Time After Time (vocals Curtis Stingers) 29:18 Blues For Big Foot 36:46 Smack Dab In The Middle (vocals Curtis Stingers) Piano Gene Harris Organ [Hammond B-3] Brother Jack McDuff Guitar Ron Eschete Bass Luther Hughes Drums Paul Humphrey

HemmenKees: An incomplete list of players who played major minutes for that side: paul verhaegh, daryl janmaat, jeremain lens, jonathan de guzman, bruno martins indi, and ron vlaar.

TheOtherMandela: Ron Johnson's SO sad he only doubled his wealth in office... but the good news is when we send this self-serving multimillionaire packing, he’ll have plenty of time to hang out with his special interest, billionaire donors.

CatherineHaess3: Ron Paul warned the Politicians .. yet here we are

Patrick_R_Weir: The parties can even pick, idgaf. Tulsi Gabbard conscripted by an Al-Qaeda militia in Syria. Ron Paul embedded with Azov. If they don't like it they can pass a bill.

WICC600: Paul Pacelli praises Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis for flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and shaking up the national discussion on migrants

domycustomessay: The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It By Ron Paul Last week

IraBenjamin11: When Putin suddenly is no longer the President of Russia, it seems likely that will Tucker Carlson, Rand Paul, and Ron Jo…

Joseph_Duarte: Houston offensive line: LT Patrick Paul LG Cam'Ron Johnson C Jack Freeman RG Tyler Johnson RT Lance Robinson

ihatetwitr5150: I wish Ron Paul had become president

tommyplott: Trump needs run and win in 2024 with Ted Cruz as our vice president. In 2028 Ron Desantis needs to run for president with Rand Paul as vice president.....

Jerrique57: These people may sweat, had bad breath, in some cases smell like humans, but they are not human. Remove these from office: Josh Harley John Kennedy Ted Cruz Cynthia Hyde Smith Roger Marshall Tommy Tuberville Kevin McCarty Rand Paul Matt Gates Jim Jordan Ron Johnson

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