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U.S. Representative from TexasEarly congressional career (1976–1985)Later congressional career (1997–2013)
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  • Harlotstudios: ron paul 2nd amendment 1989 [rare]
  • Kpactafxamctep: bernannke and ron paul spar on gold in 2011. timeless.
  • Ron_paul_bot: if you ever can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required: young people would have to be involved and you would need music.
  • Autistebismarck: just thought of the thread opener β€œron paul, /b/β€œ and got instantly transported 11 years back in time
  • Ringmasterra33: i'm still kind of mad at that pig ron paul who convinced many the world was coming to an end basically but in truth, the fault was my own at the time my own ignorance that held me down-- took years for me to understand those mistakes from that time
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DEAD, with their eyes to the foe,
Dead, with the foe at their feet;
Under the sky laid low
Truly their slumber is sweet,
Though the wind from the Camp of the
Slain Men blow,
And the rain on the wilderness beat.


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