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ron_fournier: When guns are loved more than people

ron_fournier: This so-called blast effect literally tears people apart. A trauma surgeon notes, “you don’t see the muscle … just bone and skin and missing parts.” Another mentions tissue that “crumbled into your hands.”

RexHuppke: Guns. It’s the guns. It has always been the guns. And until we treat them like the deadly tools we know they are, it will always be the guns. My column on America's latest horror:

ron_fournier: This is what an unregulated gun culture does to American children — when it’s not killing them.

HariSevugan: Children being murdered in their classrooms is so pervasive that it is now a generational problem in America.

TimFullerton: Weird how all these transphobic people are blaming gender for todays shooting. Did any of them ever say white men are the problem? They are the ones who commit the most mass shootings after all.

ron_fournier: Guns don’t kill people, right? Doors do.

ron_fournier: This

ron_fournier: “The only original content from Salinas comes in the form of paid obituaries, making death virtually the only sign of life at an institution once considered a must-read by many Salinans.”

ktumulty: Trying to make “fetch” happen.

ron_fournier: Delete your site.

ryangrim: The “for you” tab is where the algorithm guesses which thing you’re most likely to engage with. Rage sparks the most engagement, so if you don’t pay every month, Twitter is threatening to not serve your posts up to people who hate you

erinhahn_author: Please stop acting like arming teachers is the answer. You don't even trust us to pick out books for your children.

jobmachari40601: At the start of his second term, one wonders less about Obama's fitness than his willingness: Why doesn't he do more to build and maintain the relationships required to govern in era of polarization?,Ron Fournier,Start, Relationships, Why ,

ron_fournier: It’s been a year. Her memories are our blessing

Fisherlady111: 35-year-old three-time Olympian winner dies unexpectedly; Cuba’s most successful rower of all time, Angel Fournier Rodriguez, died unexpectedly on Thursday, March 16; is it the COVID gene injection?

ron_fournier: The AR-15 is designed to kill people. If you’re truly pro-life, push to ban these anti-life weapons.

ron_fournier: “Randy Rosenberg thought the Phillies would be mad at him, but they weren’t. He was just doing what he was told.”

ElissaSlotkin: Michigan deserves a Senator who will show up and listen. It’s the only way to truly represent our interests in the Senate. That’s why I started this campaign with a listening tour, beginning in Detroit & Flint, to meet with religious leaders, union members, small business owners,…

APStamm: Farewell to a legend

glennrstevens: All hands on deck. Company is not hitting goals, burning cash and looks like their Michigan presence will be further diminished.

JordanAckerMI: School shootings are now a multigenerational problem, and the leading cause of death amongst children is now firearms. We have to stop them and protect our kids.

ElissaSlotkin: Three more children have been taken by senseless gun violence. Three more families shattered. Another school district where kids will never be the same. Another community that will go through hell long after the headlines turn to something else.

ron_fournier: Such a great show.

JesseFFerguson: 70 years ago today (3.26.53), Dr. Jonas Salk announced vaccine for polio. 70 years later, MAGA Republicans are opposed to vaccines.

stuartpstevens: I know some have dined out on this as inappropriate or not professional but I thought it was one of the more genuine moments I’d seen on live television. He knew that in moments people were going to die. He reacted in his own way as a human being. I’ll take more of that.

ron_fournier: One could argue American mass production began here, the Kahn-built model for Ford’s Highland Park plant, architecture for the modern assembly line. A national treasure left to seed

gretchenwhitmer: My priority is simple: Focus on the fundamentals and get things done for Michigan families.

ron_fournier: $700k in corporate welfare for every job promised (and not guarantee). Think on that.

ron_fournier: Buckle up

ron_fournier: "As he panned the room with his handgun, I pled for my life and screamed, 'Please don't shoot me.' We were met face to face with pure evil," said Forbush. We have a constitutional right to regulate guns. Use it

ron_fournier: Legend

AP: For the first time, autism is being diagnosed more frequently in Black and Hispanic children than in white kids in the U.S., the CDC said. Experts say the change is due to improve screening and increased awareness for Black and Hispanic families.

KateDavidson: It’s 5:30. We made it, everybody.

arothmanhistory: Custard's last stand

ron_fournier: The hyperbole on both sides of the right-to-work debate is not right or work.

TonyPaul1984: Jerry would regularly reach out with an email or a text after I wrote a story he liked. When it was an obit, he’d often call, and say with a laugh, “I’m next.” I’d always dismiss him and say, “You’ll outlive us all, Jerry.” Today, Jerry died. It’s nearly impossible to comprehend.

ron_fournier: Bringing shame to Michigan

rgtrendsetter: Afghanistan before he stands for reelection is not driven by the United States' 'position of strength' in the war zone as much as it is by grim economic and political realities at home. -Ron Fournier StarMagicLounge WithRALPHGAIL

rgtrendsetter: Now the talk of hope and change feels out of tune when so many Americans are out of work, over-mortgaged, and worried that life will be even tougher for their children. -Ron Fournier StarMagicLounge WithRALPHGAIL

ron_fournier: And yet he’s cleared the field. You’d think Democratic Party leaders would remember what happens when a nominee is coronated.

Wolfe321: It’s my birthday and all I want is a job. Send openings. kthxbai

EWErickson: These are the “attacks” that Trump supporters are complaining about. These people are not stable.

JordanAckerMI: If you cannot join or comment in person, please email the board or respond in my replies. I do read them, good or bad, and I appreciate the input from constituents.

chelsea_janes: So we just like...wait three years now?

YAppelbaum: And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout, But there is no joy in Mudville—Ohtani struck out Trout.

pkcapitol: There's this weird thing where we keep comparing Ohtani to Babe Ruth. No, no, no, no, no. No. Not anymore. Ohtani has done pitching-hitting greater than any human, in any country, than ever existed. Ruth is distant, distant second.

ron_fournier: “Slotkin has the unenviable distinction of being the only U.S. House member to represent two communities torn apart by the trauma of mass school shootings”

ron_fournier: The Democratic Party would be smart to find out why it keeps losing voters to the GOP. What’s the matter with a party that can’t win Iowa?

ron_fournier: “She connected early on to fellow teenage girls who inferred from society that their crushes and feelings and dreams were silly, only to find someone in Swift who took them seriously and who could articulate .. what they didn’t even know they were feeling”

ron_fournier: Indicting a former president for $130k campaign law violations? This could backfire and help re-elect a man who incited a riot to overturn an election. Focus, people. Focus

ron_fournier: Government can fix this but it probably won’t and the suffering is unfathomable

ron_fournier: On any given vacation day, I’m most of these annoying people

ron_fournier: I loved staring at these drawings while waiting on a press secretary or president

tribelaw: “I think it’s so significant and I guess knowing that the end is near for President Carter put it on my mind more and more and more. I just feel like we’ve got to get it down some way.” Better late than never. 

ron_fournier: What a mess. A 2024 MAGA caucus for Michigan

BarbMcQuade: This is how the rule of law works. No one is above it.

ron_fournier: In the department of Bad Timing …

davidfrum: Former presidential candidate John Edwards was indicted in 2011 for redirecting other people's money to buy an ex-lover's silence. He was acquitted. Lesson: juries allow leeway for messy personal lives, even if the mess generates a campaign finance violation. 1/x

ron_fournier: 9 years

ron_fournier: A family favorite, a friend of the family. RIP

ron_fournier: Joey might be making things up

ron_fournier: This is horrific

ron_fournier: “As horrible as Covid has been — it remains one of the leading causes of death in the United States — it is not the worst-case scenario. There are viruses with case fatality rates twice, 10 times or even greater than that of Covid …”

ron_eisele: 12 March 1974. First flight of the René Fournier RF-6B. French 2 seat light trainer aircraft.

tholzerman: the ball was clearly low and outside. framing it with the question "Do you agree with the call?" with the hrmmmm emoji means Ron Fournier won, adn not even in something as unimportant as sports can we escape this fetid bullshit "both-sidesism"

ron_fournier: The Chicks were cancelled 20 years ago for speaking their truth — incredibly brave and talented women who wouldn’t cower to privilege and power.

ron_fournier: Somebody is gonna be cranky this morning

tholzerman: if there is a hell, Ron Fournier will roast in the lowest, hottest levels for making a huge chunk of the population believe that both sides of an issue are always valid and deserve to be heard

ron_fournier: Gannett has eliminated 59% of its jobs in four years. FOUR YEARS! The worse run media company in the history of media companies.

ron_fournier: Who could have predicted this?

stevanzetti: I will never log off

ron_fournier: The hyperbole on both sides of this policy is annoying

ron_fournier: Those days are not coming back.

ron_fournier: The Messenger, a Media Start-Up, Aims to Build a Newsroom Fast - The New York Times

ron_fournier: “Whatever Twitter was, after years of memes and main characters and controversies and conversations, was delicate. And regardless of whether links lead somewhere and photos load, it is broken.”

ron_fournier: “I hate him passionately.”

Bill_Shea19: $44 billion to make this app fall apart at an astounding pace. Just incredible.

ChadLivengood: Report: Michigan roads face $3.9B annual funding deficit without higher taxes

JDSalant: Third straight day of a front page story after being laid off.

Local4News: The Road to Restoration program is a series of free clinics that help Michigan drivers with suspended licenses get back behind the wheel.

MattMillerMLive: This is a story about for-profit white supremacy and the complicated legacy of one Indiana recording studio and the time I bought a 99-year-old Ku Klux Klan record by mistake.

ChadLivengood: What made Metro Detroit wealthy in the 20th century was not the assembly of vehicles but the invention of them and the production processes the Big 3 exported globally. We’re losing sight of that in these 9-figure bids for factory jobs with taxpayer $$$

ChadLivengood: Respectfully, without the automobile knowledge economy – the tech centers in Warren, Dearborn and Auburn Hills – we'd just be a state with assembly and parts plants. In other words, we'd be Alabama, where the median household income is $8K less than us.

maggieNYT: Yes he did

ron_fournier: FOX fired two journalists for being first and right about the 2020 election. How warped

mattklewis: They had an emergency meeting to deal with the problem of having been right

ron_eisele: 6 March 1963. First flight of the Alpavia Fournier RF-3. French single seat motor glider built by Alpavia at Gap-Tallard.

ron_fournier: Whacky

ron_fournier: CIVILIZATION UPDATE: The lies are defeating the truth

ron_fournier: Americans are starving and “pro-life” politicians don’t care

Justin_B_Smith: I shared some thoughts on why Semafor is investing in live journalism in China and why it matters so much to us as a global news organization. Take a read:

semaforben: News: A conflict of interest at the Post

ron_fournier: I’ll take it.

ron_fournier: Behold the Yzer-plan!

HallyVogelWXYZ: The snowstorm is done, but roads are messy & snow covered. Temps will rise to near 40 today. Here are snow reports from across Metro Detroit:

ron_eisele: 5 March 1970. First flight of the Fournier RF-7. French single-seat motorglider.

ron_fournier: True. Selling a democracy out to Russia is right in his wheelhouse

ron_fournier: These were the good deals.

ron_eisele: 4 March 1976. First flight of the Fournier RF-6B-100. French low wing monoplane single engine twin seat trainer. Powered by a 100 hp Rolls-Royce-built Continental O-200 engine.

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