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Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book Vintage Monster Movies Authors: Robert Marrero
Published Date: 1993
Categories: Performing Arts
Vintage Monster Movies details the history of the vintage horror film, beginning with the silent era and concluding with the 1950s. Photographs throughout.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book A course in business statistics Authors: William Mendenhall, Robert J. Beaver, Barbara M. Beaver
Publisher: Duxbury Pr
Published Date: 1996-01
Categories: Business & Economics
Providing case studies and exercises based on real data, this work on business statistics keeps its coverage of probability to a cursory level, in order to emphasize the application of statistics to business problems.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book The Silents Authors: Robert B. Connelly
Published Date: 1998
Categories: Reference
This work contains 3,500 profiled American, British and important foreign films, complete with credits, synopses, and anecdotal material, plus an addition 10,000 entries with director and actor credits.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book The Classics of Interest Group Behavior Authors: Robert M. Alexander
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
Published Date: 2006
Categories: Political Science
An edited collection of articles on interest group behavior, this reader includes a combination of classic and contemporary readings with topics including group formation and mobilization, group behavior, and influence. An introductory chapter to the book includes a general overview and discussion of research in the area of Interest Groups and in each chapter there is a brief overview to each section, a summary chapter that discusses the future of research as well as suggestions for further reading, including internet resources.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book Vocal Pathologies Authors: James Paul Dworkin, Robert J. Meleca
Publisher: Singular
Published Date: 1997
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Accompanied by speech samples on two audio compact disks, this book is an invaluable resource for professionals and students alike. Features: two free audio CDs containing speech samples; fifty-one case studies which examine the history, examination findings, diagnosis, and treatment of each patient; explores the applications of acoustic, speech aerodynamic, and videostroboscopic instrumentation in both the differential diagnoses and treatment of disorders; provides detailed, updated description of phonosurgical alternatives; and presents extensive behavioral voice therapy techniques for benign and malignant disorders incorporating the use of decision-tree diagrams and log sheets for recording and teaching patient responses to intervention. This new and innovative package is of widespread appeal to academicians, clinical supervisors, speech-language pathologist, and otolaryngologists.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book Psychological Testing Authors: Robert Malcolm Kaplan, Dennis P. Saccuzzo
Publisher: Thomson Brooks/Cole
Published Date: 1982-01-01
Categories: Psychological tests
Easy-to-read and accessible, PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING: PRINCIPLES, APPLICATIONS, AND ISSUES effectively communicates the excitement and dynamics of the field of psychological testing. Robert Kaplan and Dennis Saccuzzo provide students with a current analysis of the most widely used psychological tests in schools, professional training programs, business, industry, the military, and clinical settings. The authors offer a clear picture of how psychological tests are constructed, how they are used, and how an understanding of them can make a difference in their careers and everyday lives. Comprehensive and accurate, yet interesting and personally relevant, this book gets and keeps students' attention through the use of informal discussions and real-life examples.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book The Indians and Their Captives Authors: Robert H. Walker
Publisher: Praeger
Published Date: 1977
Categories: History
A collection of and commentary on narratives about whites taken as captives by Indians illustrate their scope and significance as they changed through time in their style, form, purposes, and attitudes toward Indian culture

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book T.S. Eliot Authors: Robert H. Canary
Publisher: Amer Library Assn
Published Date: 1982
Categories: Literary Criticism
Studies T.S. Eliot in his roles as a personal and an impersonal poet, a social critic, a religious poet, a traditional poet, and as a modern poet.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book Persuasion & Influence in American Life Authors: Gary C. Woodward, Robert E. Denton (Jr.)
Published Date: 1992
Categories: Communication
A college-level textbook presenting the nature and process of social influence in various contexts. Examples drawn from advertising, public relations, politics, religion, education, and the mass media are used for illustration. Advice is given on how to become a credible persuader. c. Book News Inc.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book Robert B. Heilman Authors: Robert Bechtold Heilman, Edward Alexander, Richard J. Dunn, Paul Jaussen
Publisher: Univ of Washington Pr
Published Date: 2009-03-30
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
This collection of the letters of one of the great literary figures of the 20th century includes exchanges with more than 100 correspondents, among them Saul Bellow, Malcolm Cowley, Charles Johnson, Bernard Malamud, and William Carlos Williams. During his tenure at the University of Washington from 1948 to 1975, Heilman transformed the English Department into a national center for poetry, exhibited courage in defending academic freedom during the McCarthy Era, and struggled with the volatile campus politics of the 1960s.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book Indiana Authors: Robert M. Taylor, Errol Wayne Stevens, Mary Ann Ponder, Paul Brockman
Published Date: 1989
Categories: History
In 1978 the Indiana Historical Society took a fresh look at the highly paper edition (unseen) is reportedly available for $19.95. acclaimed guide to Indiana produced by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA in 1941. They considered revising that entertaining and anecdotal model of the genre, but decided it was too obsolete. A ten year project was undertaken to create a new guide, and this volume is the result of those efforts. Nineteen large circular tours that pass through almost all of the state's counties are thoroughly detailed. (Don't look here for a listing of restaurants and accommodations. That ephemeral data can be found elsewhere and has not been included.) A Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book Media, Structures, and Power Authors: Edward A. Comor
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Published Date: 2011
Categories: Social Science
Containing introductions and contributions by other prominent scholars, this volume situates Babe's work within contemporary scholarship and underscores the extent to which he is one of Canada's most prescient thinkers.

Robert Wadsworth Lowry Books, Robert Wadsworth Lowry poetry book A Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Companion Authors: Robert L. Gale
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Literary Criticism
Hundreds of A-Z entries cover Longfellow's works, family members, professional associates, and other topics related to his life and career.

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