Wine Bibber Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I would rather drink than eatA
And though I superbly supB
Food I feel can never beatA
Delectation of the cupB
Wine it is that crowns the feastC
Fish and fowl and fancy meatA
Are of my delight the leastC
I would rather drink than eatA
Though no Puritan I beD
And have doubts of Kingdom ComeE
With those fellows I agreeD
Who deplore the Demon RumE
Gin and brandy I declineF
And I shy at whisky neatA
But give me rare vintage wineF
Gad I'd rather drink than eatA
Food surfeit is of the beastC
Wine is from the gods a giftG
All from prostitute to priestC
Can attest to its upliftG
Green and garnet glows the vineF
Grapes grow plump in happy heatA
Gold and ruby winks the wineF
Come Let's rather drink than eatA

Robert Service


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