My Favoured Fare Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Some poets sing of sceneryA
Some to fair maids make sonnets sweetB
A fig for love and greeneryA
Be mine a song of things to eatB
Let brother bards divinely dreamC
I'm just plain human as you seeA
And choose to carol such a themeC
As ham and eggs and teaA
Just two fried eggs or maybe threeA
With lacy rims and sunside upD
Pink coral ham and amber teaA
Poured in a big fat china cupD
I have no crave for finer fareE
That's just the chuck for chaps like meA
Aye if I were a millionaireE
Just ham and eggs and teaA
When of life's fussiness I tireF
And on my skull I wear a capG
As tartan shawled beside the fireF
I stroke the kitten on my lapG
Give me no broth and chicken breastH
My last repast shall hearty beA
Oh how I'll sup with chuckling zestH
On ham and eggs and teaA

Robert Service


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