My Dentist Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Sitting in the dentist's chairA
Wishing that I wasn't thereA
To forget and pass the timeB
I have made this bit of rhymeB
I had a rendez vous at tenC
I rushed to get in lineD
But found a lot of dames and menC
Had waited there since nineD
I stared at them then in an hourE
Was blandly ushered inF
But though my face was grim and sourE
He met me with a grinF
He told me of his horse of bloodG
And how it also ranH
He plans to own a racing studG
He seems a wealthy manH
And then he left me there untilI
I growled At any rateJ
I hope he'll not charge in his billI
For all the time I waitJ
His wife has sables on her backK
With jewels she's ablazeL
She drives a stately CadillacK
And I'm the mug who paysL
At least I'm one of those who peerM
With pessimistic gloomN
At magazines of yester yearM
In his damn waiting roomN
I am a Christian ScientistO
I don't believe in painP
My dentist had a powerful wristO
He tries and tries in vainP
To make me grunt or groan or squealQ
With probe or rasp or drillI
But oh what agony I feelQ
Sitting in the dental chairA
Don't you wish you weren't thereA
Well your cup of woe to fillI
Just think of his infernal billI

Robert Service


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