Grand-père Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


And so when he reached my bedA
The General made a standB
My brave young fellow he saidA
I would shake your handB
So I lifted my arm the rightC
With never a hand at allD
Only a stump a sightC
Fit to appalD
Well well Now that's too badE
That's sorrowful luck he saidA
But there You give me my ladE
The left insteadA
So from under the blanket's rimF
I raised and showed him the otherG
A snag as ugly and grimF
As its ugly brotherG
He looked at each jagged wristH
He looked but he did not speakI
And then he bent down and kissedH
Me on either cheekI
You wonder now I don't mindJ
I hadn't a hand to offerG
They tell me you know I'm blindJ
'Twas Grand P egrave re JoffreG

Robert Service


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