A Rolling Stone Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There's sunshine in the heart of meA
My blood sings in the breezeB
The mountains are a part of meA
I'm fellow to the treesB
My golden youth I'm squanderingC
Sun libertine am ID
A wandering a wanderingC
Until the day I dieD
I was once I declare a Stone Age manE
And I roomed in the cool of a caveF
I have known I will swear in a new life spanE
The fret and the sweat of a slaveF
For far over all that folks hold worthG
There lives and there leaps in meA
A love of the lowly things of earthG
And a passion to be freeA
To pitch my tent with no prosy planE
To range and to change at willH
To mock at the mastership of manE
To seek Adventure's thrillH
Carefree to be as a bird that singsI
To go my own sweet wayJ
To reck not at all what may befallK
But to live and to love each dayJ
To make my body a temple pureL
Wherein I dwell sereneM
To care for the things that shall endureL
The simple sweet and cleanM
To oust out envy and hate and rageN
To breathe with no alarmO
For Nature shall be my anchorageP
And none shall do me harmO
To shun all lures that debauch the soulQ
The orgied rites of the richR
To eat my crust as a rover mustS
With the rough neck down in the ditchR
To trudge by his side whate'er betideT
To share his fire at nightU
To call him friend to the long trail endV
And to read his heart arightV
To scorn all strife and to view all lifeW
With the curious eyes of a childV
From the plangent sea to the prairieA
From the slum to the heart of the WildV
From the red rimmed star to the speck of sandV
From the vast to the greatly smallK
For I know that the whole for good is plannedV
And I want to see it allK
To see it all the wide world wayJ
From the fig leaf belt to the PoleQ
With never a one to say me nayJ
And none to cramp my soulQ
In belly pinch I will pay the priceX
But God let me be freeA
For once I know in the long agoY
They made a slave of meA
In a flannel shirt from earth's clean dirtV
Here pal is my calloused handV
Oh I love each day as a rover mayJ
Nor seek to understandV
To enjoy is good enough for meA
The gipsy of God am ID
Then here's a hail to each flaring dawnZ
And here's a cheer to the night that's goneZ
And may I go a roaming onA2
Until the day I dieD
Then every star shall sing to meA
Its song of libertyA
And every morn shall bring to meA
Its mandate to be freeA
In every throbbing vein of meA
I'll feel the vast Earth callK
O body heart and brain of meA
Praise Him who made it allK

Robert Service


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