Waking In The Blue Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The night attendant a B U sophomoreA
rouses from the mare's nest of his drowsy headB
propped on The Meaning of MeaningC
He catwalks down our corridorD
Azure dayE
makes my agonized blue window bleakerD
Crows maunder on the petrified fairwayE
Absence My hearts grows tenseF
as though a harpoon were sparring for the killG
This is the house for the quot mentally ill quotE
What use is my sense of humourD
I grin at Stanley now sunk in his sixtiesH
once a Harvard all American fullbackI
if such were possibleJ
still hoarding the build of a boy in his twentiesH
as he soaks a ramrodE
with a muscle of a sealK
in his long tubL
vaguely urinous from the Victorian plumbingC
A kingly granite profile in a crimson gold capM
worn all day all nightE
he thinks only of his figureD
of slimming on sherbert and ginger aleN
more cut off from words than a sealK
This is the way day breaks in Bowditch Hall at McLean'sO
the hooded night lights bring out quot Bobbie quotE
Porcellian '-
a replica of Louis XVIP
without the wigQ
redolent and roly poly as a sperm whaleN
as he swashbuckles about in his birthday suitE
and horses at chairsR
These victorious figures of bravado ossified youngS
In between the limits of dayE
hours and hours go by under the crew haircutsT
and slightly too little nonsensical bachelor twinkleJ
of the Roman Catholic attendantsU
There are no MayflowerD
screwballs in the Catholic ChurchV
After a hearty New England breakfastE
I weigh two hundred poundsW
this morning Cock of the walkX
I strut in my turtle necked French sailor's jerseyY
before the metal shaving mirrorsZ
and see the shaky future grow familiarD
in the pinched indigenous facesA2
of these thoroughbred mental casesA2
twice my age and half my weightE
We are all old timersZ
each of us holds a locked razorD

Robert Lowell


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