The Ungentle Guest Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


One silent night of lateA
When every creature restedB
Came one unto my gateA
And knocking me molestedC
Who's that said I beats thereD
And troubles thus the sleepyE
Cast off said he all fearF
And let not locks thus keep yeE
For I a boy am whoG
By moonless nights have swervedH
And all with showers wet throughG
And e'en with cold half starvedI
I pitiful aroseJ
And soon a taper lightedB
And did myself discloseJ
Unto the lad benightedC
I saw he had a bowK
And wings too which did shiverL
And looking down belowM
I spied he had a quiverL
I to my chimney's shineN
Brought him as Love professesO
And chafed his hands with mineN
And dried his dropping tressesO
But when he felt him warm'dP
Let's try this bow of oursQ
And string if they be harm'dR
Said he with these late showersQ
Forthwith his bow he bentS
And wedded string and arrowM
And struck me that it wentS
Quite through my heart and marrowM
Then laughing loud he flewG
Away and thus said flyingT
Adieu mine host adieuG
I'll leave thy heart a dyingT

Robert Herrick


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