Careers Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Father is quite the greatest poetA
That ever lived anywhereB
You say you're going to write great musicC
I chose that first it's unfairB
Besides now I can't be the greatest painter andD
do Christ and angels or lovely pearsE
and apples and grapes on a green dishF
or storms at sea or anything lovelyG
Because that's been taken by ClaireB
It's stupid to be an engine driverH
And soldiers are horrible menI
I won't be a tailor I won't be a sailorH
And gardener's taken by BenI
It's unfair if you say that you'll write greatJ
music you horrid you unkind I simplyG
loathe you though you are myK
sister you beast cad coward cheatL
bully liarH
Well Say what's left for me thenI
But we won't go to your ugly musicC
Listen Ben will garden and digM
And Claire will finish her wondrous picturesN
All flaming and splendid and bigM
And I'll be a perfectly marvellous carpenterH
and I'll make cupboards and benchesO
and tables and and baths andD
nice wooden boxes for studs andD
And you'll be jealous you pigM

Robert Graves


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