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Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Robert Graves - War Poems Authors: Robert Graves
Published Date: 2016-09-05
Robert Graves was a major writer about the Great War in poetry and memoir. War Poems collects all his poems about the war in one volume for the first time, both those written at the time and looking back over a period of years. Uniquely it also includes a previously unpublished manuscript, 'The Patchwork Flag', making it a major event in war poetry

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Seven Days in New Crete Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2012-01-26
Categories: Fiction
Edward Venn-Thomas lives in the twentieth century but has been mysteriously transported to the future, and the apparently idyllic society of New Create, where there is no hunger, no war and no dissatisfaction. However Venn-Thomas is starting to find life among the New Cretans rather dull. He comes to realize that their perfect existence, inspired by the poets and magicians of their strange occultic religion, lacks one fundamental thing - evil. So Venn-Thomas sees it as nothing less than his duty to introduce them to the darker side of life. First published in 1949 and also known as Watch the North Wind Rise, Graves's novel is a thrilling blend of utopian fantasy, science fiction and mythology.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Praying in the Spirit Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Published Date: 2017-02-24
Categories: Religion
Is having a prayer language scriptural today? If it s a legitimate gift from God, should I actually ask Him for it? Praying in the Spirit is a book on the New Testament gift of glossolalia. Robert W. Graves shows the uses of prayer language in devotions, intercession, praise, and worship. Through biblical teaching and straightforward discussion he shows you the powerful effects of praying in the Spirit. He draws upon a wide variety of sources, both charismatic and non-charismatic, representing centuries of Christian thought. And with clarity and insight, he provides answers to the prevalent objections to speaking in tongues. Praying in the Spirit offers you a deeper understanding of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit that can lead you to more-meaningful worship and ever-deepening fellowship with God the Father.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book King Jesus Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2011
Categories: Bible
Robert Graves's controversial historical novel is a bold reworking of the story of Christ. Here Jesus is not the son of God, but the result of a secret marriage - the descendant of Herod and true King of the Jews. Written from the perspective of a lowly official at the end of the first century AD, King Jesus recounts Jesus's birth, youth, life as a charismatic 'wonder worker' and the unorthodox, bitter nature of his death and resurrection. Portraying Jesus not as divine but as a flawed human bent upon his own doom, this retelling of the gospels is a compelling blend of research, imagination and narrative power. 'The knowledge of a scholar and the imagination of a poet are brought to bear upon Jesus as a child, boy and man.' Guardian 'Written with simplicity and reverence.' Time

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Complete Short Stories Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2008-06-05
Categories: Fiction
The ever-popular novelist and story-teller Robert Graves wrote fascinating and durable stories, here collected together in a single volume for the first time by the poet's daughter Lucia Graves.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Lars Porsena Or the Future of Swearing and Improper Language Authors: Robert Graves
Published Date: 2008
Categories: Literary Collections
Equal parts history and absurdity, this tongue-in-cheek treatise laments the decline of swearing and foul language in England and looks back with nostalgia at the glory days of oaths and blasphemies. Written when censorship in England was still in full sway, this was an impassionate defense of the foul-mouthed in literature and a resounding attack of hypocrisy and Puritanism.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Hebrew Myths Authors: Robert Graves, Raphael Patai
Publisher: Outlet
Published Date: 1983
Categories: Literary Criticism
Examines selected Biblical passages for their mythological references and their anthropological value

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Mrs. Fisher Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Ardent Media
Published Date: 1974
Categories: Literary Criticism
The well-known English poet & essayist here ventures his interpretations of the humoristic element in literature.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book An Ancient Castle Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Michael Kesend Pub Limited
Published Date: 1991-06
When, through the efforts of an unscrupulous war profiteer, his father is threatened with dismissal from his job as keeper of an ancient castle, a young boy helps thwart the conspiracy and discovers an unexpected treasure.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book The English Ballad Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Ardent Media
Published Date: 1971
Categories: Poetry
The well-known British poet here traces the development of the ballad from its earliest times down to the 20th century. Included are examples of romantic ballads, sea chanteys & street ballads, as well as a long introductory essay. An invaluable addition to collections in folk literature & music.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Caligula Authors: Robert Graves
Published Date: 2005
Categories: Historical fiction
In May 2005 Penguin will publish 70 unique titles to celebrate the company's 70th birthday. The titles in the Pocket Penguins series are emblematic of the renowned breadth and quality of the Penguin list and will hark back to Penguin founder Allen Lane's vision of 'good books for all'. Graves wrote two of the greatest historical novels of the twentieth century: I Claudius and Claudius the God. Written as Claudius' autobiography, they follow his progress from a stammering figure of fun to the ruler of the Roman Empire. Here, he describes the glory and decadence of the mad Emperor Caligula's reign - an age of wild debauchery and whimsical cruelty.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Goodbye to All That Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2000-09-28
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
In 1929 Robert Graves went to live abroad permanently, vowing 'never to make England my home again'. This is his superb account of his life up until that 'bitter leave-taking': from his childhood and desperately unhappy school days at Charterhouse, to his time serving as a young officer in the First World War that was to haunt him throughout his life. It also contains memorable encounters with fellow writers and poets, including Siegfried Sassoon and Thomas Hardy, and covers his increasingly unhappy marriage to Nancy Nicholson. Goodbye to All That, with its vivid, harrowing descriptions of the Western Front, is a classic war document, and also has immense value as one of the most candid self-portraits of an artist ever written. Includes illustrations and explanatory footnotes.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book The White Goddess Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Published Date: 2011-02-03
Categories: Literary Criticism
This labyrinthine and extraordinary book, first published more than fifty years ago, was the outcome of Graves's vast reading and curious research into strange territories of folklore, mythology, religion and magic. Erudite and impassioned, it is a scholar-poet's quest for the meaning of European myths, a polemic about the relations between man and woman, and also an intensely personal document in which Graves explored the sources of his own inspiration and, as he believed, all true poetry. This new edition has been prepared by Grevel Lindop, who has written an illuminating introduction. The text of the book incorporates all Graves's final revisions, as well as his replies totwo of the original reviewers, and a long essay in which he describes the months of inspiration in which The White Goddess was written.

Robert Graves Books, Robert Graves poetry book Conversations with Robert Graves Authors: Robert Graves
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
Published Date: 1989
Categories: Poetry
Interviews reveal the British writer's attitudes towards poetry, fellow writers, work habits, and influences.

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