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Robert von Ranke Graves (24 July 1895 – 7 December 1985), known as Robert Graves, was a British poet, historical novelist, critic, and classicist. His father was Alfred Perceval Graves, a celebrated Irish poet and figure in the Gaelic revival; they were both Celticists and students of Irish mythology. Graves produced more than 140 works. Graves's poems—together with his translations and innovative analysis and interpretations of the Greek myths; his memoir of his early life, including his role in World War I, Good-Bye to All That; and his speculative study of poetic inspiration, The White Goddess—have never been out of print.

He earned his living from writing, particularly popular historical novels such as I, Claudius, King Jesus, The Golden Fleece and Count ...
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Robert Graves Poems

  • Morning PhÅ?nix
    In my body lives a flame,
    Flame that burns me all the day;
    When a fierce sun does the same,
    I am charred away. ...
  • The Boy In Church
    'Gabble-gabble . . . brethren . . . gabble-gabble!'
    My window glimpses larch and heather.
    I hardly hear the tuneful babble,
    Not knowing nor much caring whether ...
  • In Broken Images
    He is quick, thinking in clear images;
    I am slow, thinking in broken images.

    He becomes dull, trusting to his clear images; ...
  • The Travellers' Curse After Misdirection
    (from the Welsh)

    May they stumble, stage by stage
    On an endless Pilgrimage ...
  • The Snapped Thread
    Desire, first, by a natural miracle
    United bodies, united hearts, blazed beauty;
    Transcended bodies, transcended hearts.
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  • Osomosh: getting into some eastern roman history reading robert graves' count belisarius. dude was a natural leader, and a stand up guy in the main. he was a real life 6th century superman. truth, justice, and the constantinople way. worth the read, kids.
  • Ortizleadership: "genius not only diagnoses the situation but supplies the answers." - robert graves (1895-1985) english writer
  • War_poets: 30 july 1916 colonel crawshay writes to robert graves ‘i cannot tell you how pleased i am you are alive. i was told your number was up for certain, and a letter was supposed to have come in from field ambulance saying you had gone under'
  • Tristandreamt: english theatre director tony richardson with actors david warner, warren clarke and sara kestelman, uk, 23rd june 1972. richardson is directing the actors in a stage adaptation by john mortimer of the book 'i, claudius' by robert graves at the queen's theatre in london.
  • Winstoncproject: prof graves is convinced brexit played a crucial part. "the swindon factory was world-class but because we chose to pull out of europe, which was the most important market to honda, they chose to stick with america and japan. "brexit was the straw that broke the camel's back."
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