The Swallows. From Jean Pierre Claris Florian Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I love to see the swallows comeA
At my window twitteringB
Bringing from their southern homeC
News of the approaching springB
'Last year's nest ' they softly sayD
'Last year's love again shall seeE
Only faithful lovers mayD
Tell you of the coming glee 'F
When the first fell touch of frostG
Strips the wood of faded leavesH
Calling all their winged hostI
The swallows meet above the eavesH
'Come away away ' they cryJ
'Winter's snow is hasteningB
True hearts winter comes not nighJ
They are ever in the spring '-
If by some unhappy fateK
Victim of a cruel mindL
One is parted from her mateK
And within a cage confinedL
Swiftly will the swallow dieJ
Pining for her lover's bowerM
And her lover watching nighJ
Dies beside her in an hourM

Robert Fuller Murray


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