Snow Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The three stood listening to a fresh accessA
Of wind that caught against the house a momentB
Gulped snow and then blew free again the ColesC
Dressed but dishevelled from some hours of sleepD
Meserve belittled in the great skin coat he woreE
Meserve was first to speak He pointed backwardF
Over his shoulder with his pipe stem sayingG
You can just see it glancing off the roofH
Making a great scroll upward toward the skyI
Long enough for recording all our names onJ
I think I'll just call up my wife and tell herK
I'm here so far and starting on againL
I'll call her softly so that if she's wiseM
And gone to sleep she needn't wake to answerK
Three times he barely stirred the bell then listenedN
Why Lett still up Lett I'm at Cole's I'm lateO
I called you up to say Good night from hereP
Before I went to say Good morning thereQ
I thought I would I know but Lett I knowR
I could but what's the sense The rest won't beS
So bad Give me an hour for it Ho hoR
Three hours to here But that was all up hillT
The rest is down Why no no not a wallowR
They kept their heads and took their time to itU
Like darlings both of them They're in the barnV
My dear I'm coming just the same I didn'tB
Call you to ask you to invite me homeW
He lingered for some word she wouldn't sayX
Said it at last himself Good night and thenL
Getting no answer closed the telephoneY
The three stood in the lamplight round the tableZ
With lowered eyes a moment till he saidA2
I'll just see how the horses areB2
Yes doC2
Both the Coles said together Mrs ColeD2
Added You can judge better after seeingG
I want you here with me Fred Leave him hereP
Brother Meserve You know to find your wayX
Out through the shedA2
I guess I know my wayX
I guess I know where I can find my nameE2
Carved in the shed to tell me who I amF2
If it don't tell me where I am I usedG2
To playX
You tend your horses and come backH2
Fred Cole you're going to let himI2
Well aren't youC2
How can you help yourselfJ2
I called him BrotherK
Why did I call him thatK2
It's right enoughL2
That's all you ever heard him called round hereP
He seems to have lost off his Christian nameE2
Christian enough I should call that myselfJ2
He took no notice did he Well at leastM2
I didn't use it out of love of himI2
The dear knows I detest the thought of himI2
With his ten children under ten years oldN2
I hate his wretched little Racker SectO2
All's ever I heard of it which isn't muchP2
But that's not saying Look Fred Cole it's twelveQ2
Isn't it now He's been here half an hourK
He says he left the village store at nineR2
Three hours to do four miles a mile an hourK
Or not much better Why it doesn't seemS2
As if a man could move that slow and moveT2
Try to think what he did with all that timeU2
And three miles more to goR
Don't let him goR
Stick to him Helen Make him answer youC2
That sort of man talks straight on all his lifeV2
From the last thing he said himself stone deafW2
To anything anyone else may sayX
I should have thought though you could make him hear youC2
What is he doing out a night like thisX2
Why can't he stay at homeW
He had to preachY2
It's no night to be outZ2
He may be smallA3
He may be good but one thing's sure he's toughL2
And strong of stale tobaccoR
He'll pull through '-
You only say so Not another houseB3
Or shelter to put into from this placeC3
To theirs I'm going to call his wife againL
Wait and he may Let's see what he will doC2
Let's see if he will think of her againL
But then I doubt he's thinking of himselfJ2
He doesn't look on it as anythingG
He shan't go thereQ
It is a night my dearD3
One thing he didn't drag God into itU
He don't consider it a case for GodE3
You think so do you You don't know the kindF3
He's getting up a miracle this minuteG3
Privately to himself right now he's thinkingG
He'll make a case of it if he succeedsH3
But keep still if he failsI3
Keep still all overK
He'll be dead dead and buriedJ3
Such a troubleZ
Not but I've every reason not to careQ
What happens to him if it only takesK3
Some of the sanctimonious conceitL3
Out of one of those pious scalawagsK3
Nonsense to that You want to see him safeM3
You like the runtL3
Don't you a littleZ
I don't like what he's doing which is whatL3
You like and like him forE
Oh yes you doL3
You like your fun as well as anyoneO3
Only you women have to put these airs onJ
To impress men You've got us so ashamedL3
Of being men we can't look at a good fightL3
Between two boys and not feel bound to stop itL3
Let the man freeze an ear or two I sayK3
He's here I leave him all to you Go inP3
And save his life All right come in MeserveQ3
Sit down sit down How did you find the horsesK3
Fine fineR2
And ready for some more My wife hereP
Says it won't do You've got to give it upR3
Won't you to please me Please If I say pleaseK3
Mr Meserve I'll leave it to your wifeV2
What did your wife say on the telephoneY
Meserve seemed to heed nothing but the lampS3
Or something not far from it on the tableZ
By straightening out and lifting a forefingerK
He pointed with his hand from where it layK3
Like a white crumpled spider on his kneeS
That leaf there in your open book It movedL3
Just then I thought It's stood erect like thatL3
There on the table ever since I cameE2
Trying to turn itself backward or forwardL3
I've had my eye on it to make out whichT3
If forward then it's with a friend's impatienceK3
You see I know to get you on to thingsK3
It wants to see how you will take if backwardL3
It's from regret for something you have passedL3
And failed to see the good of Never mindL3
Things must expect to come in front of usK3
A many times I don't say just how manyS
That varies with the things before we see themU3
One of the lies would make it out that nothingG
Ever presents itself before us twiceK3
Where would we be at last if that were soK3
Our very life depends on everything'sK3
Recurring till we answer from withinP3
The thousandth time may prove the charm That leafV3
It can't turn either way It needs the wind's helpW3
But the wind didn't move it if it movedL3
It moved itself The wind's at naught in hereP
It couldn't stir so sensitively poisedL3
A thing as that It couldn't reach the lampS3
To get a puff of black smoke from the flameE2
Or blow a rumple in the collie's coatL3
You make a little foursquare block of airQ
Quiet and light and warm in spite of allA3
The illimitable dark and cold and stormX3
And by so doing give these three lamp dogY3
And book leaf that keep near you their reposeK3
Though for all anyone can tell reposeK3
May be the thing you haven't yet you give itL3
So false it is that what we haven't we can't giveZ3
So false that what we always say is trueL3
I'll have to turn the leaf if no one else willT
It won't lie down Then let it stand Who caresK3
I shouldn't want to hurry you MeserveQ3
But if you're going Say you'll stay you knowK3
But let me raise this curtain on a sceneA4
And show you how it's piling up against youL3
You see the snow white through the white of frostL3
Ask Helen how far up the sash it's climbedL3
Since last we read the gageB4
It looks as ifC4
Some pallid thing had squashed its features flatL3
And its eyes shut with overeagernessK3
To see what people found so interestingG
In one another and had gone to sleepD
Of its own stupid lack of understandingG
Or broken its white neck of mushroom stuffL2
Short off and died against the window paneD4
Brother Meserve take care you'll scare yourselfJ2
More than you will us with such nightmare talkE4
It's you it matters to because it's youL3
Who have to go out into it aloneY
Let him talk Helen and perhaps he'll stayK3
Before you drop the curtain I'm remindedL3
You recollect the boy who came out hereP
To breathe the air one winter had a roomF4
Down at the Averys' Well one sunny morningG
After a downy storm he passed our placeK3
And found me banking up the house with snowK3
And I was burrowing in deep for warmthG4
Piling it well above the window sillsK3
The snow against the window caught his eyeI
'Hey that's a pretty thought' those were his wordsK3
'So you can think it's six feet deep outsideL3
While you sit warm and read up balanced rationsK3
You can't get too much winter in the winter '-
Those were his words And he went home and allA3
But banked the daylight out of Avery's windowsK3
Now you and I would go to no such lengthH4
At the same time you can't deny it makesK3
It not a mite worse sitting here we threeS
Playing our fancy to have the snowline runO3
So high across the pane outside There whereQ
There is a sort of tunnel in the frostL3
More like a tunnel than a hole way downI4
At the far end of it you see a stirK
And quiver like the frayed edge of the driftL3
Blown in the wind I like that I like thatL3
Well now I leave you peopleZ
Come MeserveQ3
We thought you were deciding not to goK3
The ways you found to say the praise of comfortL3
And being where you are You want to stayK3
I'll own it's cold for such a fall of snowK3
This house is frozen brittle all exceptL3
This room you sit in If you think the windL3
Sounds further off it's not because it's dyingG
You're further under in the snow that's allA3
And feel it less Hear the soft bombs of dustL3
It bursts against us at the chimney mouthJ4
And at the eaves I like it from insideL3
More than I shall out in it But the horsesK3
Are rested and it's time to say good nightL3
And let you get to bed again Good nightL3
Sorry I had to break in on your sleepD
Lucky for you you did Lucky for youL3
You had us for a half way stationO3
To stop at If you were the kind of manK4
Paid heed to women you'd take my adviceK3
And for your family's sake stay where you areB2
But what good is my saying it over and overK
You've done more than you had a right to thinkL4
You could do now You know the risk you takeM4
In going onJ
Our snow storms as a ruleN4
Aren't looked on as man killers and althoughK3
I'd rather be the beast that sleeps the sleepD
Under it all his door sealed up and lostL3
Than the man fighting it to keep above itL3
Yet think of the small birds at roost and notL3
In nests Shall I be counted less than they areB2
Their bulk in water would be frozen rockO4
In no time out to night And yet to morrowK3
They will come budding boughs from tree to treeS
Flirting their wings and saying ChickadeeL3
As if not knowing what you meant by the word stormX3
But why when no one wants you to go onJ
Your wife she doesn't want you to We don'tL3
And you yourself don't want to Who else is thereQ
Save us from being cornered by a womanO3
Well there's She told Fred afterward that inP3
The pause right there she thought the dreaded wordL3
Was coming God But no he only saidL3
Well there's the storm That says I must go onJ
That wants me as a war might if it cameE2
Ask any manK4
He threw her that as somethingG
To last her till he got outside the doorE
He had Cole with him to the barn to see him offP4
When Cole returned he found his wife still standingG
Beside the table near the open bookQ4
Not reading itL3
Well what kind of a manK4
Do you call that she saidL3
He had the giftL3
Of words or is it tongues I ought to sayK3
Was ever such a man for seeing likenessK3
Or disregarding people's civil questionsK3
What We've found out in one hour more about himI2
Than we had seeing him pass by in the roadL3
A thousand times If that's the way he preachesK3
You didn't think you'd keep him after allA3
Oh I'm not blaming you He didn't leave youL3
Much say in the matter and I'm just as gladL3
We're not in for a night of him No sleepD
If he had stayed The least thing set him goingG
It's quiet as an empty church without himI2
But how much better off are we as it isK3
We'll have to sit here till we know he's safeM3
Yes I suppose you'll want to but I shouldn'tL3
He knows what he can do or he wouldn't tryI
Get into bed I say and get some restL3
He won't come back and if he telephonesK3
It won't be for an hour or twoL3
Well thenL
We can't be any help by sitting hereP
And living his fight through with him I supposeK3
Cole had been telephoning in the darkR4
Mrs Cole's voice came from an inner roomF4
Did she call you or you call herK
She meS
You'd better dress you won't go back to bedL3
We must have been asleep it's three and afterK
Had she been ringing long I'll get my wrapperK
I want to speak to herK
All she said wasK3
He hadn't come and had he really startedL3
She knew he had poor thing two hours agoK3
He had the shovel He'll have made a fightL3
Why did I ever let him leave this houseK3
Don't begin that You did the best you couldL3
To keep him though perhaps you didn't quiteL3
Conceal a wish to see him show the spunkS4
To disobey you Much his wife'll thank youL3
Fred after all I said You shan't make outL3
That it was any way but what it wasK3
Did she let on by any word she saidL3
She didn't thank meS
When I told her 'Gone '-
'Well then ' she said and 'Well then' like a threatL3
And then her voice came scraping slow 'Oh youL3
Why did you let him go'S4
Asked why we let himI2
You let me there I'll ask her why she let himI2
She didn't dare to speak when he was hereP
Their number's twenty one The thing won't workS4
Someone's receiver's down The handle stumblesK3
The stubborn thing the way it jars your armT4
It's theirs She's dropped it from her hand and goneU4
Try speaking Say 'Hello'A3
Hello HelloA3
What do you hearP
I hear an empty roomF4
You know it sounds that way And yes I hearP
I think I hear a clock and windows rattlingS4
No step though If she's there she's sitting downI4
Shout she may hear youL3
Shouting is no goodL3
Keep speaking thenL
Hello Hello HelloA3
You don't suppose She wouldn't go out doorsK3
I'm half afraid that's just what she might doL3
And leave the childrenO3
Wait and call againL
You can't hear whether she has left the doorE
Wide open and the wind's blown out the lampS3
And the fire's died and the room's dark and coldL3
One of two things either she's gone to bedL3
Or gone out doorsK3
In which case both are lostL3
Do you know what she's like Have you ever met herK
It's strange she doesn't want to speak to usK3
Fred see if you can hear what I hear ComeV4
A clock maybeS
Don't you hear something elseK3
Not talkingS4
Why yes I hear what is itL3
What do you say it isK3
A baby's cryingS4
Frantic it sounds though muffled and far offP4
Its mother wouldn't let it cry like thatL3
Not if she's thereQ
What do you make of itL3
There's only one thing possible to makeS4
That is assuming that she has gone outL3
Of course she hasn't though They both sat downI4
Helpless There's nothing we can do till morningS4
Fred I shan't let you think of going outL3
Hold on The double bell began to chirpW4
They started up Fred took the telephoneY
Hello Meserve You're there then And your wifeV2
Good Why I asked she didn't seem to answerK
He says she went to let him in the barnV
We're glad Oh say no more about it manK4
Drop in and see us when you're passingS4
She has him then though what she wants him forE
I don't seeS
Possibly not for herselfJ2
Maybe she only wants him for the childrenO3
The whole to do seems to have been for nothingS4
What spoiled our night was to him just his funO3
What did he come in for To talk and visitL3
Thought he'd just call to tell us it was snowingS4
If he thinks he is going to make our houseK3
A halfway coffee house 'twixt town and nowhereQ
I thought you'd feel you'd been too much concernedL3
You think you haven't been concerned yourselfJ2
If you mean he was inconsiderateL3
To rout us out to think for him at midnightL3
And then take our advice no more than nothingS4
Why I agree with you But let's forgive himI2
We've had a share in one night of his lifeV2
What'll you bet he ever calls againL

Robert Frost


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