Leaves Compared With Flowers Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A tree's leaves may be ever so goodA
So may its bar so may its woodA
But unless you put the right thing to its rootB
It never will show much flower or fruitB
But I may be one who does not careC
Ever to have tree bloom or bearC
Leaves for smooth and bark for roughD
Leaves and bark may be tree enoughD
Some giant trees have bloom so smallE
They might as well have none at allE
Late in life I have come on fernF
Now lichens are due to have their turnF
I bade men tell me which in briefG
Which is fairer flower or leafG
They did not have the wit to sayH
Leaves by night and flowers by dayH
Leaves and bar leaves and barkI
To lean against and hear in the darkI
Petals I may have once pursuedJ
Leaves are all my darker moodJ

Robert Frost


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