The Dumfries Volunteers Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Tune Push about the jorumA
Does haughty Gaul invasion threatB
Then let the loons beware SirC
There's wooden walls upon our seasD
And volunteers on shore SirC
The Nith shall run to CorsinconE
And Criffel sink in SolwayF
Ere we permit a foreign foeG
On British ground to rallyH
O let us not like snarling tykesD
In wrangling be dividedI
Till slap come in an unco loonE
And wi' a rung decide itJ
Be Britain still to Britain trueK
Amang oursels unitedI
For never but by British handsD
Maun British wrangs be rightedL
The kettle o' the kirk and stateM
Perhaps a clout may fail in'tH
But deil a foreign tinkler loonE
Shall ever ca' a nail in'tH
Our fathers' bluid the kettle boughtN
And wha wad dare to spoil itJ
By heaven the sacrilegious dogO
Shall fuel be to boil itJ
The wretch that wad a tyrant ownE
And the wretch his true born brotherC
Who would set the mob aboon the throneE
May they be damned togetherC
Who will not sing God save the KingP
Shall hang as high's the steepleQ
But while we sing God save the KingP
We'll ne'er forget the peopleQ

Robert Burns


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