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PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

StormySturgeon: I can't help but feel that if Robert Burns had a choice between eating haggis and ordering a Domino's, he'd at least consider his options.

FincherAnalyst: Robert Burns Monument The Mall, Central Park New York, NY 10019 Street. South-West view. Robert Burns Monument.

CPUSALongIsland: "O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us; To see oursels as ithers see us!" (Oh, would some Power give us the gift; To see ourselves as others see us!) - Robert Burns.

mitchdata: Pastor Robert Burns on the Vaccine in Austin May 14 at Freedom Fest

AyrshireWebsite: Dumfries is a scenic Town in Southwest Scotland with a number of Museums & Pubs connected to Robert Burns, 72 large images at,

orpheus_laments: 38. Epitaph on my Ever Honoured Father by Robert Burns

alexthefunnel: My Heart's in the Highlands ~ Robert Burns

SpyHards: THE EAGLE HAS LANDED marked a reunion for co-stars Donald Sutherland and Robert Duvall. The duo previously worked together in Robert Altman’s 1970 hit M*A*S*H, with Sutherland playing Hawkeye and Duvall as Major Burns.


BeckettUnite: Sunak knew ordinary people could not afford food or heating when he took £1040 pa off universal credit; gave a tax rise to workers; took £400 off pensioners; gave £4bl to bankers & banked £39bl (from unexpected tax revenues) for the 2024 General Election.

BeckettUnite: It’s 959 days since Boris Johnson promised to build 40 new hospitals. Just wondering if anyone has seen one?

Kat4Obama: President Obama fired Flynn from the Defense Intelligence Agency and warned Trump about him. But Trump is the sort of child who, when you tell him not to play with matches, burns down the house. Paraphrasing Robert Bolt on Henry VIII: The monstrous baby no GOPer dares gainsay.

RichardJMurphy: The Governor of the Bank of England this afternoon blamed inflation on rising prices for energy and tradable goods, war in Ukraine, China’s Covid policy and long-term Covid sickness here. None of these can be addressed by increasing interest rates. So why is he increasing them?

pgbandy: Robert Burns other theft is ongoing causing problems for more than 10 years and JPS as not prosecuted these persons.

pgbandy: THEFT OF ELECTRICITY , MIDDLEQUARTERS, ST. ELIZABETH, WHITEHALL ROAD, AND POINT ROAD. I wake up in the nights in darkness and then light flickering on and off. Robert Burns other theft is ongoing causing problems for more than 10 years and JPS as not prosecuted these persons.

BeckettUnite: US health insurance giant, Centene, is now the largest single provider of NHS GP care in England. A company that even the Daily Mail has called “profit greedy”. There is a For Sale sign up on the NHS. The privatisation must be reversed.

robert_burns_99: Lovely story!

RedJohnBounds: Theft of £100k of whisky is big news. Theft of £37bn on track and trace isn't. It's almost like our media follows a right wing narrative.

PCATGolf: Final from Midland CC. The team placed 2/16 with a 319, 1 shot off of first. Robert Burns led the way with 68, he placed first individually. Luke Cramer tied for 6th. Next up is The Fortress for the SVL final on Wednesday.

MHDavid8: More Aptly Titled the Blog That Two People Read.: Book Review: Walking On Thin Ice, By: Robert Burns

AngrySalmond: I'm celebrating Robert Burns by writing some dirty poems and tanning a bottle of Famous Grouse.

wikishire: Burns Cottage, also known as the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum is the cottage in Alloway in Ayrshire where the poet Robert Burns was born.

PDSongBot: Auld Lang Syne Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1788

Avalon____: TO A MOUSE I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion Has broken Nature’s social union, An’ justifies that ill opinion, Which makes thee startle, At me, thy poor, earth-born companion, An’ fellow-mortal! BY ROBERT BURNS

BruceGodfrey: When white Americans identify as “white people”, never to celebrate Erasmus or Botticelli or Ibsen or Robert Burns. More like Tucker Carlson, Richard Spencer, the Klan, skinhead selling Skrewdriver hatecore out of his trunk. Me years ago on the topic:

LivingSongs21: This week’s lines: A WINTER’S MORNING (2008) by Thea Musgrave Text: Robert Burns for soprano & piano 3 mins

PaulDronet: The cast, themselves, are a wonderful assortment of familiar faces. Marilyn Burns, Robert England, Janus Blythe, Kyle Richards, William Finley, most of them before their most famous roles. It was a real joy to see them all in this movie.

robert_burns_99: BBC reporting at its most biased - swap Israel for Russia and watch the difference.

Ceilidhann: Of course I took a picture of a plaster cast of Robert Burns' skull.

The_PA: Perth musician undertaking project to rewrite 892 Robert Burns songs nears the halfway mark

PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

JuanFerrerVila: The twins Lisa and Louise Burns (Grady daughters) on the set of The Shining (1980) Stanley Kubrick.

27punxa: "Is there for honest poverty that hings his head,an' a' that? The coward slave,we pass hum by -- We faré be poor for a' that, Our toils obscure,an' a' that The rank us but the guinea's stamp, The man's the gowd for a' that (Robert Burns, honest poverty)

Avalon____: TO A MOUSE I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion Has broken Nature’s social union, An’ justifies that ill opinion, Which makes thee startle, At me, thy poor, earth-born companion, An’ fellow-mortal! BY ROBERT BURNS

Galacticoin: Max Burns is taking advantage of the same business media weaknesses that elevated Robert Reich: a love of whiney, bitchy commie rants against competent successful people, coupled with a general lack of mathematical comprehension.

poonamteju: “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.” — Robert Burns TEJASSWI REIGNING NAAGIN6

orpheus_laments: 244. The Henpecked Husband by Robert Burns

Poem2Poem: O my Luve's like a red, red rose / That's newly sprung in June; / O my Luve's like the melodie / That's sweetly played in tune. - Robert Burns

Arwenstar: Robert Malone: “...The multiple vaccine recipients are having...a T cell suppression. Their T cells aren’t functioning as well as they should be…There is evidence of an acquired T cell immunodeficiency in the multiple vaccinated...”

ThinkerCatholic: But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane, In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men           Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,           For promis’d joy! —Excerpt, Robert Burns’ “To a Mouse”

the_scarfie: Epilogue The book is from the 19th C. It is the "Poetical Works if Robert Burns" edited by the Rev Robert Aris Willmott. It was originally awarded to a Lillian Allen at Fernside School, August 9th 1888. The end.

orpheus_laments: 447. Song—A red, red Rose by Robert Burns

ArthurLWood: ‘The fates and character of the rhyming tribe often employ my thoughts when I am disposed to be melancholy. There is not, among all the martyrologies that ever were penned, so rueful a narrative as the lives of poets.’ - Robert Burns

quoteism: “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” - Robert Burns

jane__bradley: Scoop: One of the Conservative Party's biggest donors, and its former treasurer, is suspected of secretly funnelling hundreds of thousands of pounds to the party from a Russian bank account –– according to a report filed to the National Crime Agency.

AyoCaesar: The hooting and hollering over supposed pro-Russia sympathies on the left is simply a way to distract from the fact that the Conservatives have been rolling around in Russian cash like pigs in mud.

Angry_Voice: Remember when Corbyn pledged not to raise tax on anyone earning under £80k per year, but the British public rejected it out of hand? Then Sunak raised National Insurance on millions earning under £80k, while allowing the mega-rich to keep the NI loophole that lets them pay less!

Robert_A_Wolfe: I strongly support her as the next GOP candidate for PA Senator. note that I am NOT a member of that party and hope that she crashes and burns in a most spectacular manner in the election.

MHSAA: ⛳️ Performance of the Week: Flint Powers Catholic’s Robert Burns >>

PDSongBot: Auld Lang Syne Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1788

SpitfireVC: If Britain has free speech and a free press why is Julian Assange in prison for publishing the truth?

LeaDecker8: Father, Husband, Independent Mfg, Rep serving the Commercial Plbg, Industry in Central PA for 24 years, Robert Burns Assoc,/Farina Enterpris

gentinwait: Grose was also friends with Robert Burns: 'Tam O'Shanter' accompanied the illustration of Alloway in Grose's Antiquities of Scotland. Burns described his friend as: "a fine, fat, fodgel wight/ O’ stature short, but genius bright"

MichaelMcCarty6: Big fan of Rondo Hatton and Robert Burns... this documentary looks interesting

KDFCPlaylist: Ae Fond Kiss by Robert Burns / BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Rory MacDonald Nicola Benedetti, violin / Decca 21290-02

CarlyanneMcCon1: Diana and her Nymphs ~ Robert Burns

PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

Sandesky: Check out Postcard Prospect Park; "Robert Burns" Statue; Brooklyn, N.Y. Unposted 1908

Sime0nStylites: US SPECIAL ENVOY < klaxon > (looks like Conor Burns did an outstanding job)

orpheus_laments: 7. Ah, woe is me, my Mother dear by Robert Burns

BOSsportsrage: It just burns so bad, especially when you consider how the Celtics blew Game 3 as well. Hold 2 leads with less than a minute to go and you can steal some rest for Robert Williams going into the ECF. Instead your season will fall short of expectations AGAIN.

REarrings: Did you know? Robert Burns ran the first two hour marathon.

shadester17: (Thurs., 05/12:) "The heart benevolent and kind the most resembles God." Robert Burns

Rachael_Swindon: Did you know the new non-executive director and deputy chair of NHS England, Oluwole Kolade, has donated £859,000 to the Conservative Party? And he runs a private equity firm that invests in healthcare.

ArtCrunchy: Nothing worse than those wealthy political cunts who made people poor in the first place, then telling them how they can live comfortably on nothing. Sadistic bastards.

phiatcrypto: We all believe our bag is going to the Moon and soon. Terra/Luna is why you need “risk management tools” (in case you stuff it up) and this is what we aim to deliver on Pulse. “The best laid plans of mice and men, often go wrong.” -Robert Burns

orpheus_laments: 305. Song—Gudewife, count the lawin by Robert Burns

railcamlive: 87 035'S Brand New Look

SugnaNagol: Will Sturgeon be removing Oor Rabbie frae school curriculum ? BLM and aw that ??!!!//////BBC Scotland - BBC Scotland - How could Robert Burns have considered a career in the Caribbean slave trade?

RacingTVresults: 13:39 at Kenilworth 1. Kapuziner 7/2 jf 2. Robert Burns 9/2 3. State Of Shock 22/1 Full results here ▶️

supertanskiii: Letting Dominic Raab create a bill of Human Rights is like letting Myra Hindley run a nursery.

WhatsOnGlasgow: Join the Friends of Robert Burns Birthplace Museum on Saturday 11th June at the museum for their Another Big Band Night Fundraiser featuring That Swing Sensation! More >>

EZUKFP: "Man's inhumanity to man Makes countless thousands mourn!" Robert Burns (1784)

HDoumergue: My top ten favourite (active) fighters 1. Alex Volkanovski 2. Robert Whittaker 3. Dustin Poirier 4. Jose Aldo 5. Charles Oliveira 6. Petr Yan 7. Deiveson Figuieredo 8. Renato Moicano 9. Brandon Moreno 10. Gilbert Burns

LeafFerret: Robert Reid? The guy from GT5 and who co-drive the late Richard Burns?

Live_for_Films: Rondo and Bob – The trailer for the new documentary looks at Robert Burns’ obsession with Rondo Hatton

AyrshireWebsite: The Tam O Shanter Inn built on Ayr High Street in 1749, where Robert Burns the Poet to drank and used in his Poem of Tam O Shanter,

ZackWolf614: "O were my love yon Lilac fair Wi' purple blossoms to the Spring And I, a bird to shelter there When wearied on my little wing How I wad mourn when it was torn By Autumn wild, and Winter rude! But I wad sing on wanton wing, When youthfu' May its bloom renew'd." - Robert Burns

John_Howieson: Gold is such an ugly metal, and a surfeit of it like that shows Trumpian conceit and lack of taste. Maybe, in the days when ordinary folks' lives were full of greys and browns, gold impressed some (not Robert Burns!), but nowadays we have neon lighting, and gold just looks tacky.

PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

kisanaconsults: The Scottish poet, Robert Burns, wrote that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. There is a certain Ugandan project that will prove that he was right. But let's have this conversation on the Ides of September.

WCRHtheCompass: Odyssey Trivia: The character of Robert was played by Steve Burns, the actor behind Rodney Rathbone who would also play Connie's love interest, Robert Mitchell, in the future. This episode introduced substitute teacher and coach Fred Zachary. (AIOwiki)

McpheeMiss: It’s taken me a long time to love and appreciate Robert Burns. Ae Fond Kiss sung by Karen Matheson is hugely emotional. A man’s a man. And my love is like a red, red rose. Here’s to you grandad.

m_yates: usually i find those kinds of things by looking for them, but this one just happened, i was like oh isnt that robert burns family?

Sketchb86170725: That is suspense...

RaniaKhan30: I’m a Socialist, and I Just Beat the Labour Party in London’s Poorest Borough

KernowDamo: Keir Starmer has said if he gets issued a fixed penalty notice he will resign. Wording matters. Durham Police don't issue Fixed Penalty Notices for COVID breaches.

ZizekTheEchidna: sixers vibes are the robert burns quote "here's to us! who's like us? damn few, and they're all dead"

ake2306: Quote for the day. “The honest man, though e’er sae poor, Is king o’ men, for a’ that!” ~ Robert Burns

362t: "But to see her was to love her, love but her, and love her forever." Robert Burns

ScottDBryan: I'm truly sorry Man's dominion Has broken Nature's social union, An' justified that I'll opinion, Which makes thee startle At me, thy poor, earth-born companion, An' fellow-mortal! - Robert Burns, to a mouse

AaronBastani: Labour gained: Barnet, Westminster, Wandsworth Labour lost: Harrow, Tower Hamlets, Croydon Net zero gains are apparently evidence of significant progress.

robert_burns_99: Whose interests do they look after, I wonder?

danielhayward: Great thread, that my father, raised in Primitive Baptist and Adventist churches in rural New Brunswick, would love (he also knew his King James Bible, and took the poems of Robert Burns with him to Korea).

thumperward: Robert Burns's wikipedia article no longer fusses over saying he's only from "South Ayrshire" because he was born five miles from Ayr town centre, so I expect Drew to be relegated to Prestwick-only the next time this refreshes

AyrshireWebsite: Alloway Village and Robert Burns birthplace Cottage on, 35 large images at,

tradedmiami: SALE IMAGE: Brandon Harnick, Mariana Garber & Joseph Botbol DATE: 05/06/2022 ADDRESS: 5946 SW 108th St MARKET: Pinecrest ASSET TYPE: SFR BUYER: Robert Burns SELLER: Leonardo Urdaneta BROKERS: Mar... View more details on Insta:

KDFCPlaylist: My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns / BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Rory MacDonald Nicola Benedetti, violin / Decca 21290-02

BDtrack: Ben Davis Giants freshman relay team of Alijah Price, Robert Burns, Alijah Daniels and JuJu Rodriguez wins the Marion County Championships 4x1 Title in 44.51!

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Richard C Martin: A great poet, whose works I turn to when I need to water my Scottish roots.

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