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BertramRichard5: The square pegs that think crime is a numbers game. More of this and that to solve a that. Almost reminds 1 of that great Scottish poet Robert Burns '...a that and a that' surely equals a that (my emphasis). Cfime should be a police matter alone. Until then we all wait for Godot

CarpeDataCorp: Artificial intelligence, chatbots, and keeping it personal with policyholders—are these ideas that interest you? If so, join us at the ACE Leadership Forum next month to hear Robert Burns and Dean Kimball discuss these topics. Register to attend:

SchlossmanGF: Afternoon's transfer updates: Vermont F Mickey Burns to Robert Morris Omaha D John Schuldt to St. Thomas Denver D Slava Demin to portal

djkia: Auld Lang Syne in the Scottish dialect by Robert Burns Csonga fiddle ,N...

Robert_Dent: I'm sick of yelling at strangers Don't want to do this forever When it all burns down Will you carry me over? We don't have to fix everything at once We were never broken Life's just very long Brave faces everyone

thedreadmachine: Devon meets the man of his dreams when movie star Billy Quinton rolls into town, but he quickly discovers his new love's dark side. Billy burns so brightly, his fire consumes everything and everyone around him. Read "Star Struck" by Robert Stahl.

climate: A new kind of turbine burns natural gas in oxygen and buries the resulting emissions deep underground

PCATGolf: Scores from The Preserve GC. Burns 75, Cramer 79, Koscinski 86, Jones 96, Barbour 94. The team placed 1st overall with 334, Robert finished 2nd overall individually in front of Luke who placed 3rd.

sui_generis_tad: We too have paddled in the stream, from morning sun till dine ; but seas between us broad have roared since days of long ago -Robert Burns-

KamranShafi46: 4/ there is a Higher Power. As Robert Burns said 'The best laid schemes of mice and men, Go often askew, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised joy'! So while this 'intervention' by the Powers will end in more tears for us, at least we will be rid of THEM for good.

WboolStandard: Robert Burns festival set to return

kgwacyjprjfasx1: !A Night Out with Robert Burns: The Greatest Poems download :

HHSGenerals: Boys Golf at Five Star Invitational: Heritage finished 1st led by Chandler Burns who shot 1 over par (73). Samuel Johnson shot 79 Cain Stover 81 Robert Alan Lyle 83 Declan Ryan 84 Carter Bell 94

rjber15: “Thine own reproach alone do fear.” ~Robert Burns

Grouse_Beater: “Thy tempting lips, thy roguish een, By Heaven and Earth I love thee.” Robert Burns. Aye, fine words, only I've a suspicion Burns whispered that to *all* his amours while they shared a pillow.

DWylega: Art By Robert Burns was a Scottish painter

Poem2Poem: O my Luve's like a red, red rose / That's newly sprung in June; / O my Luve's like the melodie / That's sweetly played in tune. - Robert Burns

albiet_I: I’m a sucker for repetitions of color names as adjectives ... Robert Burns’ “red red rose” ... Kerouac’s “blue blue you”

PDSongBot: Auld Lang Syne Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1788

OnePantherPlace: Watch how low Brian Burns gets here.

SkyNews: Sky News first reported on two-year-old Dalal in February, when she was rushed to hospital in Turkey from Idlib in Syria, covered head to toe in burns. The doctors said she had a ten per cent chance of surviving.

MarkHenty: Seriously! Former colleague Robert Burns is complaining right now about the verdict in this trial saying that police officers will ask themselves why they should bother anymore. I am done tolerating his ignorance, racism, and facism. Done with, blocked. Sick of assholes.

chantedx: “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.” ― Robert Burns,

Robert_Munroe: Does anyone else feel like the headlines SHOULD read, "12 jurors about to decide whether or not the entire world burns to the ground."

blomandias: Still, friend, you are blest, compared with me! The present only touches you: But oh! I backward cast my eye, On prospects dreary! And forward, though I cannot see, I guess and fear! Robert Burns, “To a Mouse.”

momlovedquotes: The social, friendly, honest man, What e'er he be 'Tis he fulfills great Nature's plan. And none but he! Robert Burns

johncrossmirror: German football should be regarded as a wonderful thing. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund not signed up. German clubs respect their fans.

welfordwrites: Mouse's Nest, a poem by John Clare. A look at a short poem by England’s “peasant poet” that bears comparison with a much better known “mouse” poem by Scotland’s Robert Burns. Click the link!

PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

wjclvrhs: "O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us." --- Robert Burns

LewisCreamer: Robert Burns The Musical

arxivml: "Comparative Study of Learning Outcomes for Online Learning Platforms", Francois St-Hilaire, Nathan Burns, Robert B…

BuddieDrone: Fountain Gardens, Paisley

PlacerMuseums: Young Men of Auburn c. 1912 L-R: Arch Caldwell, Robert Wise, Jack Walsh, Laffett Burns and Ray West.

Page_Upon_Page: The works of Robert Burns; with an account of his life, and a criticism on his writings (Published: 1806) Full text:

Lorna_TVeditor: Holy retinal burns, Batman! This is glorious. Poor Robert Reed looks like he'd rather be in hell.

evilrooster: Someone mixed up Robert Frost and Robert Burns elseweb. Got me thinking. For though yer land an’ mine Are neighbors near, an’ a’ that: We split the apple frae the pine A Wall’s a Wall for a’ that.

evilrooster: Thare's mony speak o' Rabbie Burns An' mony Robert Frost. An' gin the writers maun tak' turns Then for the first I favour Burns. But gin the other micht be lost, I think I ken enouch o' verse Tae say that as a poiet, Frost Isnae worse An' worth the cost. (Enough, Abi.)

cumnockchron: Robert Burns is known to have visited John Lapraik at Muirkirk in 1785, and some think that Tibbie Pagan may have met the bard at that time

JerryTheMyth: I grew up watching the M*A*S*H series. But I'm watching the film for the first time. Robert Duvall as Frank Burns‽

robartburns: Instagram robert burns 832

cliffmanning: 'Then fill up a bumper and make it o'erflow,' - Robert Burns More research, resources and reading on youth/digital/inclusion at More Than Robots

bellacaledonia: "Why should we idly waste our prime Repeating our oppressions?" [Robert Burns is a spoken word artist and slam poet who lives on a farm near Mauchline]

archnaverma: but to see her was to love her, love but her, and love forever. Robert Burns

translationtalk: Promoting Scotland whenever I can: recently as part of a translation I localised a reference to 'Mignonne, allons voir si la rose' by Pierre Ronsard with 'O my Luve is like a red, red rose' by Robert Burns. To my delight the client approved.

RPatrickHarris1: repainted reversible robins - notes are from Rantin Rovin Robin by Robert Burns, the greatest Scot of all time.

vxl908: Robert Hunter ~ Liberty

trevorjoelennon: Rex Gordon Tampa native and historian joins me Tuesday 4/20 2pm ET 11am PT 6pm U.K. we will discuss the doc Rondo and Bob Robert A. Burns, art director for the original Texas Texas Chain Saw Massacre obsession with actor Rondo Hatton. A facial deformity

Kilmartin1978: Robert Burns thought so.

SHMMuseum: Since April is National Poetry Month, we wanted to highlight a book in our collection, a book of poems by Robert Burns. This book belonged to Sam Houston's mother, Elizabeth Paxton Houston.

Poem2Poem: O my Luve's like a red, red rose / That's newly sprung in June; / O my Luve's like the melodie / That's sweetly played in tune. - Robert Burns

OSUIT: OSU President Burns Hargis and OSUIT President Emeritus Robert Klabenes Set to Address Spring Graduates

realStanVG: They’re at Robert E. Lee HS and the Black Lives Matter flag is the problem?

ThatTonyH: And the CHUD 2 cast is kinda... remarkable. Robert Vaughan! Bianca Jagger! Larry "Frank Burns" Linville! Norman Fell! Rich Hall! June Lockhart! That's an entire tier of Hollywood royalty! (Not the top tier, but still. Impressive.)

Wateroflifefilm: "Address to a Haggis," We Honor Robert Burns with a Reading

Rae_Boy: “No rational interpretation of the data could conclude that Scotland gets back less than it sends to WM. To accept this is not to deny the possibility of independence, it is merely to heed the words of Robert Burns: “But fact are chiels that winna ding..”

PDSongBot: Auld Lang Syne Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1788

362t: "But to see her was to love her, love but her, and love her forever." Robert Burns

PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

18AKGOYAL: Poem of the week: Oh wert thou in the cauld blast by Robert Burns

ShanterFan: Making my own Meg(Tam's Horse) for reciting Robert Burns poem "Tam o shanter "

blacflag: Now’s the Day, Now’s the Hour Issued in Scotland in 1959 via private funding after Westminster refused to issue a stamp honouring the national bard. Russia and Even Rumania issued stamps honouring Robert Burns before England did.

TedSpurgeon1: The final episode of Ken Burns’ 3 part documentary “Hemingway” traces the horrific decline of a major writer. It calls to mind what Robert Frost wrote: “No memory of having starred Atones for later disregard, Or keeps the end from being hard.”

phsumm: As promised, my coworker Ann GLEASON comments on the topic of deceptive geographical association (i.e., neither descriptive nor misdescriptive per se). Robert Burns, Scotland's famous grain based beverage, and the TTAB. What more…

Perezmuzak: Perez Feat. Shanece' , Robert Burns - To The Stars prod. by Perez

karenzach: Robert Burns gets credit for writing this song, but it is actually the work of a little known woman poet, Isabel "Tibbie" Pagan from Muirkirk, Scotland. I love this version:

ErnestF18573653: Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn! Robert Burns

NMugshots: BURNS, ROBERT Mugshot April 14, 2021 Johnston County, North Carolina

gfdedwards: 15th April ROMANCING THE STONE (1984) dir: Robert Zeme*c*kis One of, maybe, 10 legit perfect scripts ever written (Diane Thomas RIP). A soaring, post-modern screwball. Turner's charisma burns so bright, she probably powered the lighting dept solo.

scotslanguage: Lairn mair aboot 'The Devil in Scotland', imprentit in 1934 wi fower eldritch tales bi three o Scotland's best kent writers - Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott an Robert Louis Stevenson:

HermesVarini: My favorite song by Robert Burns? The Battle of Sherramuir. Splendid Scottish sound.

welfordwrites: Tam O'Shanter: a poem by Robert Burns. Click the link!

drewharwell: New: Detroit police wrongfully arrested Robert Williams in front of his two young daughters after a bad facial recognition search. He was interrogated and in custody for 30 hours. Now he's suing. A case that could help shape the future of police face scans

RapidStartLdr: Robert Burns wrote about how the "best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry," and Eisenhower said "plans are worthless" and yet we should plan anyway; here's why.

PDSongBot: Auld Lang Syne Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1788

burns_creighton: "Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; they are choices." -- Robert Braathe

macfadyenangus: Then let us pray that come it may, (As come it will for a' that,) That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth, Shall bear the gree, an' a' that. For a' that, an' a' that, It's coming yet for a' that, That Man to Man, the world o'er, Shall brothers be for a' that. Robert Burns

CFP_Bot: Legitimizing Robert Burns: Seinfeld and Seasons

PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

MickPuck: And I don't forget when he dismissed Robert Burns - who would have eaten Paxo and shat him out before his honest ploughman's breakfast - as sentimental rubbish.

emandblo: Last week's poem was 'To a Mountain Daisy' by Robert Burns.

welfordwrites: Tam O’Shanter: a poem by Robert Burns. Click the link!

EINPresswirePR: Michael Jackson, David Gest, Robert Burns and Tish who?

CoglianeseRalph: Pentagon chief declares 'ironclad' US commitment to Israel (Indeed A Great & Good Thing) Biden Would See Support of Israel a Dead Issue if up to His Administration) AOL Associated Press ROBERT BURNS April 11, 2021, 1:52 PM

welfordwrites: Tam O’ Shanter, a poem by Robert Burns. A look at Burns’s best known and justly renowned longer poem. Click the link!

NickSherrard: So for this election I propose we get people in costume and get Robert the Bruce (Alba apparently), Mary Queen of Scots (tories), Charles Rennie Macintosh (Lib dems), Walter Scott (All for Unity), Bill Shankly (Labour), and Rabbie Burns (SNP) and we do a prime time debate show

SteveMcfirerisk: Hilarious Did a “yes week” few years back & after one particularly drunken night ended in Poland, in a kilt, reading Robert Burns at a wedding. Thank christ I wasn’t the one getting married.

sapovskaya: «My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here; My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer; A-chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe, My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go.» Robert Burns Arvo Pärt - My Heart's in Highlands

PCATGolf: Scores from Detroit GC. Burns 69 Cramer 78 Koscinski 76 Barbour 79 Gerhardt 87. Team finished 7th overall out of 24. Robert tied for 2nd individually

RaggedTP: "A Prince can mak a belted knight, A marquis, duke, an’ a’ that! But an honest man’s aboon his might – Guid faith, he mauna fa’ that! For a’ that, an’ a’ that, Their dignities, an’ a’ that, The pith o’ Sense an’ pride o’ Worth Are higher rank than a’ that." Robert Burns

whoopsididbad: The best laid plans of mice and men usually go astray.-Robert Burns from Scottish poem To a Mouse.

justAfanDavid: “Gin a body meet a body Coming thro' the rye, Gin a body kiss a body— Need a body cry?” ― Robert Burns

nicholewwhiting: Robert Moses was the most vile of creatures ever to destroy a city. I recommend Ric Burns’ documentary “New York City” to fuel your hate fire for this man. I hope is rotting on Hell’s Highway, the replicas of which he created in NYC

GallowayNews: It sold for more than twice the asking price!

KenLoachSixteen: Robert Burns “O would some power the giftie gie us, to see ourselves as others see us.”

OperaVolante: "Ca' The Yowes" - An arrangement of Robert Burns by Paul Corfield Godfrey

andraswf: Okay, I'm not going to be cryptic. Apparently former UK ambassador to Hungary Iain Lindsay committed an unspeakable crime in reciting a Robert Burns poem on National Poetry Day in Hungarian. I think it was a lovely gesture.

CliveDavisUK: Sleeper & Robert Burns, Victoria Embankment Gardens.

BrendanKeefe: What inspired me to become an investigative journalist? Reading Caro's 1,300+ pages detailing the methodical, brutalist reshaping of NYC and LI by Robert Moses. 1975's The Power Broker is not some 'woke fantasy' about 'racist highways.' It's documented, devastating history.

simonmao99: The mainstream medias just ignore the real angle who really saves the people's life, and speak out for the black angles who burns down the cities, robs the people. Wake up people, this is not the world we recognized. Leftist is bringing the world to hell.

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Richard C Martin: A great poet, whose works I turn to when I need to water my Scottish roots.

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