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flawless_tints: Was out fitting at Robert burns Masonic Lodge for Tell Design and print

vanessa_vash: Fire is fire regardless of where it burns! The Amazon is burning Australia is burning California is burning Africa is also burning The forests of the world are burning! The fires in Africa are not different!! They are also fires They burn and kill!!!

ZarukuGarba: Man's inhumanity to man Makes countless thousands mourn! - Robert Burns

seamusmcdublin: Like Robert Burns once said: keep yer shaggin fighting for oot on the shaggin green

PDSongBot: A Red, Red Rose Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1794

scottish_books: Robert Burns, the Complete Poetical Works

vanessa_vash: The Amazon burns and the whole world talks about it! California burns and the whole world talks about it! Congo rainforest burns and a young girl talks about it! People are actually dying in Africa But if these news companies don't talk about the fires in Africa,it is sad

Burns_Scotland: This copy of "The Psalms of David in Metre" belonged to Agnes Burns, Robert Burns's mother. She was reported to have a lovely singing voice. You can view this item at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum - find out more here -

jeremyshodges: Love poetry to rival Robert Burns, Scots poems as vibrant as Robert Fergusson, celebrate the birthday of Robert Louis Stevenson, the Third Robbie. Tomorrow at 2pm

CliveS63444039: Words by Robert Burns. Sung by Steeleye Span. Sentiment more true now than ever. Scottish friends, please ditch Brexshit England forever.

larissawaters: As Queensland and NSW burns, both the Liberals and Labor thought it was a good time to invite parliamentarians to Christmas drinks hosted by the fossil fuel industry, whose product is fuelling climate change and donations are blocking climate action.

AyrshireWebsite: Alloway / Ayrshire Brig o Doon Gardens for Robert Burns at

ClydeProperty: The right home certainly contributes to the right start in life. With Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, it’s a notion you can explore as you delve into the childhood home of a Scottish genius. Explore what home you’ll raise your next genius in…

DilliKiRanaiyan: Alauddin Khilji thought of himself as the second Alexander He wanted to perpetuate his memory with a tower four times the size of the Qutub Minar.... But as Robert Burns said “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley" So all we have is an unfinished minar...

ThiruGeneva: Robert Pattinson’s Best Burns In The King

Poem2Poem: O my Luve's like a red, red rose / That's newly sprung in June; / O my Luve's like the melodie / That's sweetly played in tune. - Robert Burns

grawoig: Article:

Ben_Lyons_: Robert Burns! Bad fingers!

kevin_sanderson: November chill blaws loud wi’ angry sugh; The short’ning winter-day is near a close; The miry beasts retreating frae the pleugh; The black’ning trains o’ craws to their repose: The toil-worn Cotter frae his labour goes, – This night his weekly moil is at an end - Robert Burns

Spartackle: "Ye hypocrites are these your pranks? Tae murder men and gie God thanks? Halt, desist, go nae further. God'll no accept yer thanks for murder". (Robert Burns)

AngrySalmond: I'm celebrating Robert Burns by writing some dirty poems and tanning a bottle of Famous Grouse.

PDSongBot: Auld Lang Syne Music: Traditional Scottish Lyrics: Robert Burns, 1788

CreateYourBuzz: Did you know that Robert Burns was the one who helped to popularize the word "Halloween" with his 1785 poem of the same name? We were excited to learn this and other fun facts about Halloween! via:

glasgow_sugar: Robert Burns is the most famous Scot in history NOT involved with Caribbean slavery. It’s an ‘almost’, a ‘what-if’. If he didn’t actually go to Jamaica in 1786, why is there any requirement for exculpation?

diomedes66: Monday's Flowers, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Robert Burns, poet

monkey_burns: Lol to Robert Zimmerman or Bob Dylan as he calls himself. It’s good to hear your music.!!!!!

ComicalEng: Thanksgiving For A National Victory - Robert Burns Ye hypocrites! are these your pranks? To murder men and give God thanks! Desist, for shame!--proceed no further; God won't accept your thanks for Murther!

PresidentBlumpf: No, I wouldn't have preferred Hillary. You need to get your head out of your ass. It's not 2016 anymore. My thread details the situation we are in NOW. What time did Trump buy if he refuses to do anything? I won't bury my head in the sand as Trump fiddles while the country burns.

scottish_books: Robert Burns: A Life

vanessa_vash: The African Congo Is Quietly Being Deforested As The Amazon Rainforest Burns This is what I keep talking about!! The Congo rainforest is quietly being destroyed because no one is focusing on it It will be too late for us!! But they are not listening!!

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As vanquish'd Erin wept beside
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She saw where Discord, in the tide,
Had dropp'd his loaded quiver.
"Lie hid," she cried, "ye venom'd darts,
Where mortal eye may shun you;
Lie hid -- the stain of manly hearts,
That bled for me, is on you."

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