55 Years Of His Existence. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There is blood There is bloodA
In that blood he sees years of his existenceB
Blood graces the white floor just as failure graces his existenceB
He look long back in his life He sees a year old to love his loved ones foreverC
At he loses his friends finds new one but cherishes old memories neverthelessD
At he finds love and a job and the meaning of life He must live happily ever afterC
At he must not speak of love ever again He crawls back to his parent's embrace and tries to find a lifeE
At he is trying to build his children a good life and realises he would never see his own parents ever againF
At his shelf is filled with colourful anti depressant pills He smiles anyways He loves anyways or at least he tries toG
At he decides he have seen enough Curls up in the farthest corner of his bathroom Cries just like the day he was bornH
Relives ever good memory and sleeps the best he have slept in the years of his lifeE
Riya salujaI

Riya Saluja
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/23/2019


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