We are in a time of unlimited woes,
As the life on Earth, daily slows,
With agony and sorrow all around,
And uncountable burial sites on the ground.
Although, the negativities are endless,
We have got some time to refresh,
By looking at the beauty of nature,
And be worried about preserving the Earth's future.

Many people are happy, seeing the new Earth,
And are cherishing its beautiful scenic worth,
Having some time to admire the beauty of the trees,
While being liberated by the evening breeze.
We now live in a much healthier atmosphere,
After it faced much wear and tear,
As everyday it seems to be getting better,
With its goodness reflected in the crystal-clear water.

We all have the time to think it out,
The lesson that this disaster is all about,
As it taught us something very vast and wide,
Which was to be careful, before the earth died.
Let's keep our earth much fresher and fit,
And be someone of worth to it,
And being a part of its responsible mass,
Keep hoping that this too shall pass.