The smile we put on is not always what it seems
We are uncertain of what we try to portray by putting on a smile sometimes because we are insecure of the way we feel about ourselves
We are certain that what we recieve is what we have given and if that is not the case we feel as though we are owed something
The way we want to achieve something is the way that someone else also wants to achieve something
We tend to help each other to achieve the things that we wanted to achieve together before we met the people that we associate with and this helps us to understand each other
When we are influenced by another person we try to blend in with the friend that we have made because of the victory that we want to achieve together
The things he that we do together may not always recieve acknowledgement from certain types of people but there is room for way too many reasons that we can count in a single day
The things that influence the way we think are the things gs that we think that we may be able to gain from others that we trust
These people that we trust also gain the same things that we are gaining and therefore the friendship is solidified
The things that we leave behind are certainly and truly the things that we want to get over
When we move on we create room for ourselves to create a barrier of the values that we keep
We are the ones that choose what we want to learn and therefore we have full control over ourselves
When we are interfered with by a spirit that is foreign we tend to become as close to it as possible
The things that we are influenced by are the source of what someone else wants to learn from us
Sometimes it is safe to know yourself to understand what you are doing and have the confidence that everything will work out for the dreams that you want to a