I am certain of the things that I want to do with the girl that I am associating with
She makes me feel in a way that I have never felt before because she is different in her own unique way
I am not sure of where things gs are going to go because there is a difference in the decision making we both making
We are both reaching a climax but the opposite is happening without me even realizing it
It is certain that she knows a lot of things that I do not know
There are a lot of things that need to happen and in the future I do not want this association to stop
We are both doing what we are feeling is right and we are eventually reaching a merge
I wish that we can discover what we still want to know about each other because it cannot be too late after this long
Surely it has been a while but I am certain that we will reach the level that we have been on before
The decisions I made were strictly to influence the mood into an understanding of what is happening between us
We are way too different which is what brings us together and unites us as one
The things that we plan to do together are very cute but it makes me wonder to which extent are they willing to go
I am undecided of what I want to do and therefore you also feel undecided for the reasons I have given you to feel that way
The way forward is the way you take it because we are now deep in love and there is a barrier that we cannot exceed
The way we make an association with the public is the way that we want it to appear because we are so close that we cannot hide the way that we feel about each other when we are together
We are so clear to see that what we want to do stays in an energy that we have secured together
The way that we see each other is certainly in a way that is mutual and the extent to where we can go is what we set the limit to be and therefore I took the limit further and so did she do the same thing
This is what made us connect and therefore we were tight as a pinky swear