The way that we greet is often influenced by the way that we are feeling
A greeting is just like a tap on the shoulder
When we greet we must make sure that we reveal our mood of greeting
There are different types of greetings
The things that we do are often influenced by the way another person feels about us
We must make sure that we understand the person that we are greeting in a way they understand us
We may greet multiple people at the same time
The things that we do are often influeced by the people that we see as role models
When a person has intentions we can see in their face how they feel about something
The level that we are willing to reach to obtain a certain level of acknowledgement is how we recieve greetings from others
The people that we greet often start to feel different about themselves the moment we create a difference in the mood that we feel
There are different ways that we can greet someone
The ways that we see something are often how we view ourselves moving forward in life
When we see another person we must intend to ,ake them understand what we see
We must aim to see what the other person is seeing by using our own personality and perspective
We must understand the personality of another person
When we are reaching for the stars we ,just aim to obtain the utmost level of success that we can obtain
Greeting someone is a gift as well as a blessing
It is a blessing in a way that we must understand that no other person is like the person that we greet
The gift that is perceived is how we obtained a way of silence between us and the person that we greet before the moment of greeting
The thi gs that we do are seen by the people that we are associated with as well as the people they know
Greeting ranges from all different types of people to all different types of places
The things that we do are often the way that we feel about a situation and the way that we see others feeling about something
We must aim to achieve as much as we can and we must make sure that we are understood by people
When we are reaching a whole new lane of acknowledgement we must recieve the behaviour of others in a way that they do so to ourselves
We must see situations for what they truly are and greet in a good place
When we pass somewhere we must greet and learn the behaviour of that place while greeting
We learn multiple things such as understanding people when we are greeting
When we see someone we know we must greet before letting them know how we feel