Song Of Seyd Nimetollah Of Kuhistan Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Among the religious customs of the dervishes is an astronomical dance in which the dervish imitates the movements of the heavenly bodies by spinning on his own axis whilst at the same time he revolves round the Sheikh in the centre representing the sun and as he spins he sings the Song of Seyd Nimetollah of KuhistanA
Spin the ball I reel I burnA
Nor head from foot can I discernA
Nor my heart from love of mineA
Nor the wine cup from the wineA
All my doing all my leavingB
Reaches not to my perceivingB
Lost in whirling spheres I roveC
And know only that I loveD
I am seeker of the stoneA
Living gem of SolomonA
From the shore of souls arrivedE
In the sea of sense I divedE
But what is land or what is waveF
To me who only jewels craveF
Love is the air fed fire intenseG
And my heart the frankincenseG
As the rich aloes flames I glowH
Yet the censer cannot knowH
I'm all knowing yet unknowingB
Stand not pause not in my goingB
Ask not me as Muftis canA
To recite the AlcoranA
Well I love the meaning sweetI
I tread the book beneath my feetI
Lo the God's love blazes higherJ
Till all difference expireK
What are Moslems what are GiaoursG
All are Love's and all are oursG
I embrace the true believersG
But I reck not of deceiversG
Firm to Heaven my bosom clingsG
Heedless of inferior thingsG
Down on earth there underfootL
What men chatter know I notM

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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