Maia Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Illusion works impenetrableA
Weaving webs innumerableA
Her gay pictures never failB
Crowds each on other veil on veilB
Charmer who will be believedC
By man who thirsts to be deceivedC
Illusions like the tints of pearlD
Or changing colors of the skyE
Or ribbons of a dancing girlD
That mend her beauty to the eyeE
The cold gray down upon the quinces liethF
And the poor spinners weave their webs thereonG
To share the sunshine that so spicy isH
Samson stark at Dagon's kneeI
Gropes for columns strong as heI
When his ringlets grew and curledJ
Groped for axle of the worldJ
But Nature whistled with all her windsK
Did as she pleased and went her wayL

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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