One Who Gives Me Happiness Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: AA BB CC DE FF GG HH II

A sweet little girlA
Shining bright as a pearlA
Always makes me smileB
Your eyes stop the time fileB
You has a golden heartC
I just won't let you departC
You makes me forget my fearsD
I smile again and forget my tearsE
You are a cheerful soulF
In my life play a major roleF
I see my younger self in youG
That smile of yours and a thanks dueG
Love you throughout the worldH
You are an amazing friend I earntH
Thank you for liking meI
You are always sweet and continue to beI

Priyadarshini Goel
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/04/2019


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sreejith bk: Excellent poem

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