My Idol(ms. Twinkle Dua) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


One who always is the bestA
Who takes me to a beautiful festA
A lot more than just a teacherB
Her smile and nature is her best featureB
Who always knows the right wayC
Who's smile and eyes make my dayC
The queen of beauty she isD
I am happy with all thisE
Her sweet soulful voiceF
Protects me from all the noiseG
The best guide who can beH
Always who makes me laugh with gleeH
Always who was my dreamI
As sweet as the creamI
A living goddess for meH
Who makes me myself seeH

Priyadarshini Goel
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/07/2019


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Twinkle Dua Doomra: Thank you so much for such beautiful words and feelings Priya☺️????????☺️
God Bless You bache????????
Wish you more and more success always☺️

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