Pleasureful rainbows in the night sky,
Eager to get a glance is each very eye.
Clouds raining their way down,
The lively nature, wearing a golden crown.

Amidst the clouds, a light of hope,
To try, discover and twist the rope.
To all the hardwork, rewards the colourful rainbows,
With happiness, fills the life in colourful vows.

Hidden in clouds, a bright ray of sun,
Lights the darkest of places, for none to run.
Shapes numerous in those white fluffy balls,
My dear sister once found there her favourite dolls.

Rainbows always present, making colourful each bit,
Observe a rainbow, someday you sit beside it.
Skies are cloudy, our lives mesmerised by their beauty,
To preserve this bountiful bliss, is our very duty.