Administer the essence of being in a state that just makes eloquence come from you
stick to the love life embrace the divergent anatomy of life
engrave every piece idea in a concrete solution
diversify your thinking availability due to contract ability

simply discuss the ratio of you having and the absentia of the gravity of not having
standard limitation makes love more of an imagination
rather its something true that has scarcity
past the standard of life, simple extreeme are un equal oportunities admonished viable life liability
strictly in sanity there is a level of gain

actualisation feels more of a dream, sometimes it feels more than to be king
dont make life a bitter lesson day in day out that is more of coronation
like space up high people need more of lotion
and less distortion for creativity is neither playing with words but its words that atleast got a sense not of humour but a sense that has truth in it

perception to me has aliegnated the gravel, anatomy of diversification so its more of the erosion and notion
i dont need distortion rather i need a collection of thoughts the ideas that flow
the idealogy that glows , emancipation that flows
all in all its not always about what i know
am learning to listen
ifact listening is what i've learnt
thats a lesson that am ready to rant

blurry the vision of low focus indeed it sounds more amicus
advance is the keyword to daily resolutions but also its more of a nuissance
filter the gravel needs more to be conqoured
the animal instincts tamed are just but a statue

safety they say life is more of a space with zero trace life simply has space
incase the lovers dont get whats on my space
i'll simply try to trace coz its not a matter of how well they know your face.