Just beacause of you lbottle;
my relatives think am a nobody
just because of you, bottle;
is that what you call helping me?
Even the law bottle..........
How many times
have i been thrown in custody
because of you?
Yet you do not seem to mind
what those things cost me.
Its through you bottle
that i have set my good name
in flames you have robbed me of so much money
which could buy me my wife many things
money that could buy a car
My toyota you destroyed all
my good future plans
my local brew
you dont want me to take you
in small quantity
2 or 3 bottles, never!
You want me to consume you
in as many bottles as possible
do you know how many bottless
i empty in the toilets
every month?
Every year?
Do you think i should be working
only to empty my luck in the toilet
how often have you urged me to make untrue promises
even yo people
i should respect the most?
You seem to enjoy when am having it the hard way
dear bottle .........
Part 1.